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Solidarités International - France

A humanitarian convoy from Paris to Ukraine

Thanks to its teams in the East and West of Ukraine, Solidarités International (SI) has established a list of items that meet the needs of people affected by the conflict. In partnership with Leleu Transports, the association is organizing a humanitarian convoy from Paris to Ukraine in order to transport these essential goods.

A humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

As of April 6th, more than 4.2 million people have left Ukraine and 6.5 million people have fled their homes and moved inside the country.

In addition, the intense military escalation has resulted in loss of life, injuries, and severe destruction and damage to civilian infrastructure and homes. The provision of public services - water, electricity, heating, emergency health and social services - is under severe pressure, and access to health care is limited. As a result, the basic needs of the population are no longer being met. 

Displaced persons and refugees in transit, the vast majority of whom are women and children, are extremely vulnerable due to the abandonment of their homes and possessions and require emergency assistance.

Emergency response to the humanitarian situation

The association follows a program management methodology with a diagnosis and evaluation of needs, identification of partners, implementation of the project and its monitoring.

This project has two objectives:

  • to respond to humanitarian needs by collecting food and essential items
  • to ensure their transportation by truck convoys organized and coordinated by field experts to the deployed missions

3 Trucks of 38 tons

450 Mattresses

4000 Hygiene kits

The implementation of the humanitarian aid

Three 38-ton trucks left in April 2022. This convoy will take the road for three days to reach the Polish border where the goods will be distributed to different distribution points in Ukraine, according to the needs of the population. Several truck rotations are planned over the next few weeks to meet the needs of Ukrainians.

These trucks are filled with items listed by SI teams in Ukraine, in collaboration with local authorities: basic hygiene products, non-perishable, ready-to-eat food, bottled water, water purification tablets, first aid items, mattresses, blankets, cots and sleeping bags, flashlights.

What the Air Liquide Foundation does

The Air Liquide Foundation is supporting Solidarités International by financing the salaries of team members mobilized in the emergency: logistics director, project manager, supply chain manager and logistics manager in Ukraine.

Moreover, the Foundation supports this project by participating in certain costs related to logistics such as financing the pre-carriage of certain donations to Leleu Transport's headquarters in the Somme department.


"This project is exactly in line with the Group's desire to work with NGOs that already support Ukrainian refugees, as announced by Benoît Potier in his message to Group employees in March."

Patrick Cassauba-Tircazot, Directeur Business Partnership chez AL IT / GIO, currently on senior sponsorship with Solidarités International from March 2022 to June 2023.