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Solidarity action

The Fondation Air Liquide supports Air Liquide's solidarity actions, near Air Liquide sites, particularly in education, training, supporting people with disabilities, promoting communal activities and facilitating access to healthcare.

The Fondation Air Liquide supports non profit projects sponsored by operations of Air Liquide. They typically last 6 to 18 months. Air Liquide operations also look to contributing  volunteer work on projects (both individually and as a team).  The Foundation will provide financial support, based on the project's objectives and budget, which will then be followed by a local employee of Air Liquide as the project unfolds. 

As a reminder, the Foundation supports projects in Europe (defined as the "European Economic Area"). It can also intervene in emerging countries, when targeting aid to populations in need.  And it supports projects only when in the general interest.

The Foundation relies on Air Liquide’s expertise and its footprint. Through its experience, flexibility and backing of innovative projects, it complements public action.


“"Science Ouverte" is an association well rooted in its territory and very dynamic. It has already existed for several years and works together with other scientific mediation associations as a network. Its mission, consisting in opening up science to young people and science to young people, in a socially disadvantaged area, fits in well with our desire "to act in the territories".”

Corinne Chovet, CTE Manager


“By sponsoring this association with the Foundation, I was able to give it my support and it obtained financing for one of its projects”

Augustin Savy, Digital Analyst, Hub Europe