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Project Selection

Discover criteria and a selection process of projects

The Fondation Air Liquide awards grants to projects over a six-month to three-year timeframe. It also seeks to use the skills of Air Liquide’s employees to benefit projects. The Foundation doesn’t seek any compensation for its support from the non profits which it backs.

Here are the Foundation's criteria and selection process. Please read them before submitting your application online.

What type of projects are we looking for?

The Foundation may support projects, with Air Liquide, provided:

  • they fall within the Foundation's scientific or social scope
  • they are located in Europe, except when responding to the needs of distressed populations
  • they are in the general interest, not in Air Liquide’s commercial interest
  • they follow the Foundation's decision-making process
  • the Foundation has the means to control their proper implementation

The Foundation will also favour projects that offer volunteering opportunities to

Air Liquide employees.

6 project selection criteria

To be considered by the Foundation, an application should meet the following selection criteria. The choice of Air Liquide Foundation is free of any discrimination.

1. Project domain area

The project should be related to one of Foundation’s domain areas:

  • Basic research on respiratory diseases and air quality
  • Technical (industrial) skilling of young people or people who are far from the jobs market.
  • Solidarity, particularly in the fields of education, training, supporting people with a disability, access to care, social services.

You’ll find examples of projects we support here: Research projects, Job integration communities projects

The Foundation may set up ad hoc programmes in a crisis (e.g. the covid-19 pandemic, refugee crises,...) and will seek to support projects. Please visit our website for such programmes.

2. Project location

The project should be located in the European Economic Area (European Union + Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway)

  • By exception, the Fondation Air Liquide will support projects outside the European Economic Area when responding to the needs of populations in distress.

3. Sponsorship and follow-up by Air Liquide

  • The project must be supported by an Air Liquide employee in order to qualify for our support.
  • Therefore, we recommend that you  get in touch with an Air Liquide operation close to you. List of Air Liquide Group locations
  • The project should be located near an Air Liquide site in order to so we can follow it up if it is selected.

4. Your organisation

Your organisation should be a registered nonprofit, with adequate governance and a positive track record.

5. Project structure

Your project should be precise, with numbers and impact measurement.

We will  examine projects that have:

  • objectives whose results are observable and measurable
  • a detailed budget (resources & spending)
  • a precise schedule and project completion deadline
  • a predetermined location

Moreover, we  focus on projects that are innovative, offer volunteering opportunities to Air Liquide employees, and promote safety and gender diversity, both priorities of Air Liquide.

6. Use of the grant

Our grants will go to:

  • investments in equipment (IT equipment, laboratory equipment, building materials,  furniture, etc.)
  • salaries, in the case of research projects
  • operating costs directly related to the realisation of the project

Grants financed by the Foundation can only be expended after written confirmation of the Fondation Air Liquide's support with a  signed agreement, including a provisional schedule.

Applications that do not meet the Foundation's criteria

The Air Liquide Foundation cannot support projects that are not in line with its mission and do not meet the above criteria. The following are therefore excluded:

  • One-off or short-term initiatives: events, sponsoring, treks and rallies, gala dinners, humanitarian trips
  • Personal projects: grants, financing studies, survey trips, and school trips – including those that are within the Foundation's areas of intervention
  • Sporting or cultural projects, activities or competitions
  • Projects that are not clearly secular or apolitical in nature
  • For-profit projects

The selection process

Every project application is studied by the Foundation team, which follows a 6-steps process. This process is explained in the diagram below

The Foundation studies and selects projects within a reasonable deadline.

When reaching a decision, the Foundation doesn’t discriminate against any type of population.

The Foundation’s decision to support or not to support a project is sovereign.

The Foundation will give an answer to every association that submits a project.

6 steps in submitting your project

Should you wish to submit an application to the Fondation Air Liquide, please follow these steps:


  1. Check that you are eligible for the Foundation support

    Ensure that your project is consistent with the Foundation’s missions and that your request meets the project selection criteria.
  2. Identify a sponsor within Air Liquide

    Get in touch with this person and ensure of their support.
  3. Create your account on our dedicated platform

    Please go on the dedicated website and create your personal account to access the “project submission” section.
  4. Prepare your application

    Please complete the online form, presenting your organisation and your project in a clear and detailed way. You can ask other people (e.g. your Air Liquide sponsor) to help you complete your application.
  5. Submit the requested documents by uploading them to your “project space”

    These documents are mandatory; any incomplete application will not be considered. You can work on your application file as long as you have not submitted your project. The "Save" button enables you to modify your application and to delete or upload attachments as you wish.
  6. Submitting your project

    When your application file is complete, you can confirm submission of your project with the Submit button . You will receive a confirmation email. Please note that you can no longer amend your project once it has been submitted. We will examine your project and contact you for a meeting if it fits our criteria.