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Employees of
Air Liquide

An Essential factor

The Foundation operates thanks to the men and women of Air Liquide. They are essential to each project supported by the Foundation.

From the start,

The Foundation needed Air Liquide employees to be part of the projects it supports, for project- sponsoring, project-monitoring or to transfer skills. 

Hundreds of Air Liquide employees have contributed their professional skills with high motivation to the Foundation. The Foundation has relied on their understanding of local issues and knowledge of NGO’s acting on the ground. When it comes to community projects, they see for themselves  that they are carried out effectively.

How to get involved in a project?

1. Sponsor a project

The Foundation encourages Air Liquide employees to work on behalf of their communities by sponsoring an organization of their choice.

Air Liquide employees present the Foundation with local development projects they care about in the fields of education, job training, disability, social issues or access to healthcare. These projects must take place in Europe or in a developing economy, always located near an Air Liquide subsidiary. Project sponsors do not evaluate or follow the project they have sponsored (see below), but they will be updated about the project's progress by the Foundation’s team.


"I recommended this project to the Air Liquide Foundation because my husband does volunteer work for the association. We are proud to now be the first project supported by the Air Liquide Foundation in Italy. I believe that it’s important to bring something personal to my company, as well as to these children, thanks to this support."

Lina Feudi, Air Liquide Italy, recommended Dynamo Camp’s project

2. Follow up on a project

We regularly seek project Follow-up Representative in the regions where the Foundation works: Europe (European Economic Area), Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

These are projects related to access to employment or solidarity (education, access to health, disability).

If you follow a project on behalf of the Foundation, you will do so from the initial evaluation to the project report. You will have to make 3 visits to an association over a period of 12 months to 2 years: first a project evaluation visit, then, if the Foundation's support is confirmed, a mid-term visit and a review visit.

Each of the 3 visits results in recommendations in a summary report.

This takes three and a half days, not including travel time.

This is a unique opportunity to make a difference in a critical area for people in your community.

Are you interested? Please leave your contact details here and the Foundation will contact you if there is a project within a reasonable distance from you. You can then confirm your commitment or not.

The Foundation will support you throughout your trip.

Please note that the Foundation does not cover travel expenses, which remain the responsibility of your organization.


"I have nothing but good things to say. The Foundation has established an excellent project monitoring process and they supported us through all the project phases. This process includes visits at the beginning, middle and end of the project. In addition to the two projects that I worked on (establishing the “But en or” sports center in Bobigny and the “Job dans la Ville" academy in Pantin, northeastern suburbs of Paris), I also organized a tour of Air Liquide’s Campus Innovation Paris facility that introduced young women to Air Liquide employees and technical careers. Beyond just financial support, I believe that developing lasting relationships between Air Liquide and the organizations the Foundation supports is a good idea. It feels good to be able to contribute in my own small way to helping young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods find jobs."

Raphaël Grandeau, Research Engineer at Air Liquide (Paris Innovation Campus) & Monitoring Manager for Sport Dans la Ville in Paris region

3.  Dedication of time and expertise to a project

Would you like to contribute your time and expertise to an associative project? For example, in the field of safety or management? The Air Liquide Group has implemented the "Citizen at Work" program in many of its subsidiaries, as well as the "Skills Sponsorship" opportunities, which allow for one-time or long-term interventions with associations.

In this context, the Foundation communicates the needs of the projects it supports to the subsidiaries operating in the vicinity of these projects, so that interested employees are informed and can contribute their expertise to a project.


"After working for Air Liquide for thirty years, I wanted to work on a social project in a professional capacity. The Air Liquide group offered me a senior skills-based sponsorship mission at Ares, an organization supported by the Air Liquide Foundation. Ares is the first group for professional integration in France for people facing social exclusion. I am seconded on a full-time basis for an 18-month assignment at Ares, where I am building a strong safety culture within the organization modelled after the Air Liquide “Zero Accident Goal” program. What made me even more excited about the project was the opportunity to meet people who have faced difficulties in their lives and contribute to their professional integration: formerly incarcerated or homeless individuals, people struggling with addiction and more. Through Ares support, nearly two-thirds of the people it accompanies are able to find long-term stable employment. For me this is an incredibly rewarding interpersonal experience. It is something that motivates me in my daily life: sharing my expertise and helping change people’s lives for good."

Joël André, Air Liquide employee on temporary assignment at ARES (2020-2021)