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Jobs integration

The Fondation Air Liquide works with Air Liquide to help those who need extra support to get into the jobs market, both young people and adults.

The Fondation Air Liquide backs  projects developed by nonprofits and sponsored by teams of Air Liquide. It favours projects with an innovative approach to setting the beneficiaries up  with the skills, particularly technical ones, they will need to succeed in the jobs market.

Air Liquide's operations contribute to projects through both their knowledge of local industries and their technical expertise, the latter through mentoring, advice on safety at work, or introduction of the company's practices.

The Foundation provides financial support, based on the project’s objectives and budget. Both will be monitored over the duration of the project.

As a reminder, the Foundation supports projects in Europe (defined as the "European Economic Area"). In some cases it can also intervene in emerging countries. And it supports projects only when in the general interest.

The Foundation wants each beneficiary to take control of their professional destiny.

How we work

  • The Fondation Air Liquide supports job-skilling projects  developed by non profits, where these projects are sponsored by Air Liquide.
  • Air Liquide will contribute its knowledge of the local industrial ecosystem and can offer  mentoring by Group employees. 
  • The Foundation provides grants to projects that are clearly in the public’s interest. It makes sure projects are impactful and spending sticks to the budget.
The Foundation relies on Air Liquide’s expertise and its footprint. Through its experience, flexibility and backing of innovative projects, it complements public action.


"My feedback is very positive. Following projects  is a well-tested process at the Foundation , where we remain close throughout the different stages of the project. It includes an initial visit, followed by an update half-way through the project and a final meeting to assess completion. In addition to following two "Sports dans la Ville'' projects (creation of a "Golden Goal" centre in Bobigny and a "Job dans la Ville" academy in Pantin, east of Paris), I organised a visit to Air Liquide's Paris Innovation Campus so young people could meet Air Liquide employees and learn about technical jobs. Beyond the financial support, establishing lasting ties between Air Liquide and the non profits we support seems to me both relevant and beneficial. Making a contribution, however modest, to the professional integration of young people from underprivileged areas, is a great satisfaction."

Raphaël Grandeau, Research Engineer at Air Liquide (Campus Innovation Paris) & Monitoring Manager of Sport in la Ville Île-de-France