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The Foundation supports scientific partners in the EU who pursue basic respiratory research, i.e. furthering knowledge of the mechanisms underlying chronic or rare respiratory diseases so as to find cures. It also supports some environmental research related to air quality, i.e. in the field of atmospheric chemistry.


A prerequisite to breakthrough innovation, basic research needs support.

The Air Liquide Foundation draw on Air Liquide’s scientific expertise in the medical & environmental fields.

We fund 3-5 year research projects in the European Economic Area.

We have also supported educational projects to share the benefits of science with a larger audience.

The Foundation draws on the expertise and geographical presence of the Air Liquide Group. With its track record, adaptability and early-stage positioning on projects, it is an effective complement to public intervention.


"The support of the Air Liquide Foundation are additional means on a risk-taking issue. We exchange a lot with the Air Liquide sponsors of the project and we share the same desire to serve the general interest. Discussing with experts from the business world, who also come from civil society, is a valuable contribution to our reflection."

Gaëlle Uzu, IRD Research associate at the Institut des Géosciences de l'Environnement (Institute of Environmental Geosciences) at Grenoble Alpes University