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Ethical Charter

The Fondation Air Liquide acts within the framework of its corporate purpose. On the one hand, it supports research and scientific education projects in the field of respiratory diseases and air quality, and on the other hand, it supports local development projects, especially in the field of professional integration, in the locations where the Air Liquide Group operates.

The Foundation’s ethics abide by five guiding principles:

  • Projects are chosen based on the principles of integrity, transparency, a lack of conflicts of interest and independence.

  • The Foundation does not serve the financial interests of its management team, Board members, founders or contacts, including project sponsors and the members of the Project selection committee.

  • When examining each project, the Foundation takes into account interactions between the people who will receive the funding and any relevant Air Liquide entities, taking care that the Air Liquide's Principles of Actions are respected.

  • The decision to support a project is always made through open, respectful debate.

  • The Foundation is particularly attentive to supporting and monitoring the chosen projects to ensure that the allocated resources are being used properly for their intended purposes. Regular reports are provided to the Foundation over the course of the project.