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The Communities Committee

The Foundation's Communities committee meets approximately every three months. It is responsible for selecting the projects recommended by Air Liquide employees and for reviewing partnerships & multi-year projects for professional integration.

The Communities committee grants funds to each project according to the Foundation's annual budget, monitors the chosen projects, and assesses the work that is done and the results achieved.

Bernard Lledos

General Director of ACCELAIR by Air Liquide

Caroline Drouart

Director of respiratory marketing at the Healthcare WBL

Claire Dessertine

Paris 2024 AL Employee Engagement Director /Group HR Head Office

Ndeye-Khady Drame

West & Central Africa Operations Controller

Constance Bordes

Shareholder representative

Néliane Baudet CSR & Climate Manager - Air Liquide France Industrie

Néliane Baudet

Project Manager - AL France Industrie