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How we operate

How does the Fondation Air Liquide operate?

As a corporate foundation governed by the laws of France, the Fondation Air Liquide works closely with Air Liquide and its subsidiaries to back projects of charities or research institutions with maximum efficiency.

An Air Liquide team first proposes a project. If it is selected by the Foundation, the team then makes sure the project is carried out properly.

Air Liquide teams can also contribute volunteering hours on projects. The Fondation Air Liquide contributes both its approach for selecting and monitoring projects- and funding.

It has its own governance and follows strict ethical rules (please see “ ethics charter”).

Finally, thanks to Air Liquide directly carrying the Foundation’s payroll costs, most of the Foundation's budget is directly allocated to projects; in 2022, operating costs (accounting, legal, communication, fundraising, etc.) represented 5% of the Foundation's budget.