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Donating to projects of the Foundation

Many shareholders and employees of Air Liquide have directly supported the projects of the Fondation Air Liquide on several occasions. Here’s how you can also contribute to our projects:

Who can donate?

For legal reasons, you must be a shareholder of Air Liquide  - or an employee of the Group in France- to make a donation through the Air Liquide Foundation.

Is it possible for any shareholder to make a donation?

Yes, wherever you live and around the year.

Can an employee also make a donation?

As an employee of Air Liquide, you can make a donation through the Fondation Air Liquide if you also are a shareholder of the company.

If you are not a shareholder, you must be employed by a French operation of the Air Liquide Group.

Does the Foundation regularly reach out to donors?

The Foundation reaches out to potential donors through regular fundraising campaigns,  aiming at specific projects. Donations will complement grants from Air Liquide, thus increasing the Foundation’s impact on projects

How are fundraising campaigns publicized?

Fundraising campaigns are announced on the Foundation's website. 

In addition, Air Liquide’s shareholder department will directly  inform registered shareholders who have signed up to regular communications from the Group.

Employees of French subsidiaries of Air Liquide will be informed through internal communications channels of the Group.

How can I give?

The Fondation Air Liquide has set up a secure digital platform for donations. Payments can be made by credit card on this giving platform and each donor will be emailed a tax receipt. 

Shareholders registered with Air Liquide will directly get the link to the platform with the email informing them of a fundraising campaign.

The link to the platform is also available to all employees of Air Liquide in France, through internal Air Liquide channels.

This link is personal. Please do not resend it.

If you are a shareholder and wish to make a donation but you have not received the link to the giving platform, please contact us at

And outside fundraising campaigns?

Donations can also be made outside fundraising campaigns. At any given time, the Foundation backs thirty to forty projects. 

If you wish to make a donation, please click on the “donate” button on the side of this screen.

You will receive the link to the giving platform, on which you can also specify if you wish your donation to go to either research or jobs-integration projects.

How will my donation be used?

Your donation will be used in the most efficient way: over 90% will go directly to funding the Foundation's projects.

You will receive regular updates on the use of your donation.

How will my donation be treated for tax purposes?

If you are a French tax resident, you will benefit from a tax credit equal to 66% of the value of your donation, within the limit of €1,500 per year and 20% of your taxable income.

If you are also an Air Liquide employee, the €1,500 limit does not apply.

If you are not a French tax resident, your donation will be taxed according to the laws of your country of residence.

“Micro-giving” option

If you are employed by a subsidiary of Air Liquide in France, you can support the Foundation’s projects by contributing monthly “micro-donations”, drawn from your salary.

If you wish to contribute in this way, please contact your Human Resources department.

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