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Basic research,
Jobs integration,

Shareholders of Air Liquide, on November 20th you will get an opportunity to directly support the Foundation!

We are a corporate foundation. We make an impact by using Air Liquide’s skills.

Here are our goals

We support basic research

into the human respiratory function, and its interactions with the environment, in order to

  • protect our respiratory system against viral, bacterial or environmental aggression
  • correct genetic respiratory dysfunctions
  • counteract immune deficiencies.

We support projects targeted at populations that need extra help to get into the jobs market

  • so that they, too, get the opportunity of a rewarding job and career prospects.


One-off programmes

We also set up one-off programmes in times of crisis, that fall within the scientific or social remit of the Foundation.

Ukraine: support projects of partner-NGOs

across the European Union to deliver health, educational and other social services to refugees from the war in Ukraine.

Covid-19: we support research projects

advancing research to better understand and treat the virus.