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Building Success with the Air Liquide Foundation: Apprentis d'Auteuil

Access to employment: "plumbing and heating installer" course developed by Apprentis d'Auteuil, with the support of the Air Liquide Foundation and the Technologies Hospitalières teams of Air Liquide Santé France.

The training course for Apprentis d'Auteuil in plumbing and heating started in January 2023, with the support of the Air Liquide Foundation and the Technologies Hospitalières teams of Air Liquide Santé France.

This 18-month training course is aimed at unemployed, low-skilled young people between the ages of 16 and 30 and is divided into 2 phases:

  • A 3-month pre-qualification training with Apprentis d'Auteuil to learn the company's codes and the first professional skills
  • a 15-month apprenticeship contract under the responsibility of an Air Liquide volunteer tutor within one of the Technologies Hospitalières1 structures, including a recommended 2-month internship outside the subsidiary.

The pre-qualification period was a success for the promotion who integrated well and managed to create a strong group cohesion. Each of them completed a 2-week internship with their tutor to learn about the job of installing medical gas distribution systems in hospitals.

From April 2023 and until the end of June 2024, the trainees are in an apprenticeship period alongside their tutors. At the end of this period, they will pass their professional certification.

"I feel happy when I go to work in the morning! In the hospital, work techniques are different. For example, copper pipes have to be cut with a special tool to prevent deposits from forming inside, which could be dangerous for patients."

Pédro, young beneficiary of the program

"I am very happy to participate in the Skola project at my level and to pass on my passion for the profession to Thomas. He has settled in well and is always punctual. He quickly understood the demands and rigors of the profession, especially in terms of safety, which will make a difference in his next job. He will continue to improve during the year we will spend together.

Mickael Lefevre, fitter at Air Liquide Santé France in Amiens and volunteer tutor for a young person in the Skola project.

"The training and integration coordinator (CEFI) at Apprentis d'Auteuil accompanies young people on a daily basis, both socially and professionally. For my part, I liaise with the CEFIs in the region for all young people who do not live in Lyon. The support can be related to housing, mobility, health and finances. The aim is to facilitate training and the search for sustainable employment by removing obstacles. At the same time, the CEFI is also responsible for training modules on the business world and the professional environment. It also ensures the relationship with the companies throughout the course. The challenge is to meet regularly with the TH tutors to ensure that the apprentice's learning and professional attitude evolves throughout the training."

Camille Derupt, Apprentis d’Auteuil CEFI Lyon Region, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes


1 in Venissieux, Bordeaux, Nantes, Rungis, Canéjan