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"La Gerbe" association - France

Collection and sending of donations to Ukraine from an integration structure in Ecquevilly

The association La Gerbe aims to contribute to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine by collecting, sending and distributing medical equipment, hygiene products and food. The collection and sorting of donations are carried out by 35 employees in professional integration on the structure.


Interview du Directeur de La Gerbe


The conflict in Ukraine

On March 15, 2022, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) announced that the number of people who have fled Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion of the country by the Russian army has reached 3 million. According to UNHCR estimates, this figure could rise to 5 or even 7 million refugees. In addition, the people who have stayed behind are faced with a situation in which basic necessities are no longer accessible or will soon no longer be accessible.

Meeting the needs of people in Ukraine

The sending of two trucks to Ukraine will allow :

  • the equipment of 6 places of refuge with a generator

  • the equipment of the hospital of Vinnytsia with medical supplies (bandages, gloves, infusion sets)

  • the distribution of wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, to the hospital of Vinnytsia and to the beneficiaries who need them.

  • the setting up of beds for internally displaced persons going to the West of the country or to Western Europe (Vinnytsia is in the center west of the country)

  • distribution of hygiene materials for adults and children to families remaining in Vinnytsia or in transit to the West.

  • distribution of food for babies and adults to families remaining in Vinnytsia or in transit to the West.

6 000€ purchases of food and hygiene supplies

35 Employees in professional integration

The implementation of humanitarian aid

The Humanitarian Association La Gerbe relies on knowledge of the partners and the country since 2009. It has indeed gained experience in the territory with organizing humanitarian aid in the Donbass region since the beginning of the war.

To do this, the association collects goods from individuals and communities or companies deploying internal collections. Afterwards, they sort and recondition the items in their reintegration structure. The 35 employees in professional integration realize a follow-up and a link with their partners on their exact needs. They are also in charge of making additional purchases and chartering trucks. The association also attaches great importance to the follow-up of the partners to have a return on the action and to readapt their method according to the needs.


The Air Liquide Foundation’s contribution

The Air Liquide Foundation is financing the chartering of 2 trucks to Ukraine, the purchase of food and hygiene supplies as well as 6 complete generator kits.


Involvement of Air Liquide France Industrie employees

ALFI employees have given their time and effort to help the association sort the donations from individuals for the people of Ukraine. Every day, the association receives 3 tons of material to be classified. The arrivals are currently increasing strongly and can reach 7 tons some days.


ALFI Projet La Gerbe



"This specific project of convoys to Ukraine is perfectly in line with the humanitarian approach recently announced by Mr. POTIER"

Laurent THIERS, Facility Manager ALaT aux Mureaux