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Le Relais - Mali

The aim of this project is to build 3 classrooms to enable each student to have his or her own classroom and improve the quality of education

Education of girls in rural areas: Persistent challenges in Zougoumè

While the school enrolment rate for girls is close to 40% in Bamako, in rural areas it is less than 20%. In Zougoumè, poverty prevents many families from sending both boys and girls to school at the same time. The latter are victims of early marriage and unwanted pregnancy. 

In 2020-2021, Le Relais created the "jutta school complex" to perpetuate its experience of tutoring in the working-class neighborhoods of commune III of the Bamako District, as well as in surrounding neighborhoods. Started with 35 pupils, the school now has over 80 pupils, half of whom are girls. 

The school comprises a kindergarten, an elementary school and a middle school with 2 buildings with 4 classrooms. Since 2022, due to the lack of classrooms, Le Relais has been forced to combine two grades in one classroom, and some pupils have to occupy an unfinished building next door.

Only 73.8% of girls are enrolled in primary school; by the time they reach secondary school, this proportion has dropped to 15%.

Improving learning conditions in Zougoumè: towards inclusive, quality education

The aim of this project is to build three individual classrooms to improve learning conditions for pupils in Zougoumè. It specifically targets increasing the school enrolment rate for girls, consolidating teachers' skills through a dedicated training center, and working closely with the Malian government to support its education for all objectives. This initiative promises to foster an optimal learning environment and contribute to the development of society.

20 Teachers trained

Objective 100 Girls enrolled out of 180 students

Target 80% student success rate (Brevet)

Active and Innovative Teaching at École Jutta: Promoting Enriched and Engaged Comprehension

At the Jutta School, Le Relais uses an active teaching method. This approach actively engages students by encouraging them to manipulate concrete objects, which facilitates their understanding of the concepts being taught. In math lessons, for example, students use millet rods to help them understand calculations. Alongside the traditional courses, our Swiss partner, Kokoro Lingua, offers weekly 30-minute English sessions to all classes. In addition, future teachers work in small groups to develop specific themes, such as grammar or language. They then meet to present their ideas and receive advice from the trainers (teachers) to ensure that their pedagogical approaches are suitable for use in the classroom. This innovative educational approach aims to greatly enrich learning at the Jutta School.


What the Air Liquide Foundation is doing

The Foundation is supporting Le Relais in the construction of 3 additional school classrooms, notably by financing the masons' salaries.

"I was able to talk to pupils from the 4th grade (CM1) who are very happy to be able to follow a school education, a good framework for school learning. I was also able to talk to the female supervisors who explained to me the problem of the number of children per class and the need for new classrooms to provide better learning and be able to give more girls access to education."

Raphaël CoulibalyAcetylene Plant Operations Manager, Air Liquide Mali