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Access to education for disabled children in Egypt

Promoting the protection of disabled children's rights

The international solidarity NGO Sœur Emmanuelle (Asmae) works in Egypt to promote access to education for disabled children. Its aim is to promote their rights to ensure these children find their place in society.

Removing barriers to education for disabled children

Disability is a huge phenomenon in Egypt: it directly affects 10% of the population and indirectly concerns nearly a quarter. Disabled children are one of the most vulnerable categories of the Egyptian population – especially as some also live in poverty. Poverty increases the risk factors of disability, while the disability itself is an obstacle to healthcare, education, and employment. Asmae works with these children to break this cycle of poverty and disability.

According to a study carried out by the World Health Organisation, 45% of disabled people in Egypt are under 18.

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Working alongside local stakeholders

Asmae works in collaboration with the Egyptian association, Basmat Amal, in order to meet disabled children's specific needs and ensure that their rights are protected. Its aim is to ensure that these children can go to school and have access to healthcare.

Asmae's mission is:

  • to reinforce Basmat Amal's organizational and technical capacities
  • to train the schools' teachers and staff to prepare them for working with disabled children
  • to help public schools acquire specific equipment that will allow them to welcome disabled children

The Air Liquide Foundation's contribution

The Air Liquide Foundation is supporting Asmae by financing the acquisition of teaching equipment for two public schools and for Basmat Amal.