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The Handicap Circus program in France

Access to artistic and cultural activities for disabled people

Air Liquide Foundation is supporting the association “Le plus Petit Cirque du monde” (The smallest circus in the world) for their program, Circus Handicap, created in Bagneux, France, in 2009.

Le plus petit Cirque du monde: an Educational and Therapeutic tool for Learning

Le plus petit Cirque du monde is a non-profit organization that offers an initiation to Circus disciplines. Open to everyone, the association is willing to be a tool of socialization and diversity as well as preventing and fighting against all forms of racism and discrimination.


Under the tent of Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde

Access to artistic and cultural activities for disabled people

The association has created a program called Circus Handicap to allow disabled people to regularly practice sporting and artistic activities and develop their psychomotor abilities. The Circus offers activities involving juggling, acrobatics, balance and body language. These exercises are adapted to each member, based on their motor or cognitive troubles.

Until 2015, the association hosted the Circus Handicap program in a number of specialized institutions. But in 2015, the circus settled in a new building allowing the association to host the activities inside its premises. The association is fitting out a space dedicated to circus activities for disabled people, with specially adapted equipment that ensures the safety of every participant.

Le plus petit cirque du monde

The Air Liquide Foundation’s contribution

The Air Liquide Foundation supports “Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde” by helping them acquire the equipment necessary for “Circus Handicap” activities, such as handi-stair modules and floor mats, as well as other miscellaneous equipment.