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Assistance dog training in France

Independent living for people with reduced mobility

The Air Liquide Foundation is renewing its support for Handi’Chiens Bretagne, an association that educates and freely distributes dogs to people with motor disability, autism, or multiple disabilities. The aim is to facilitate their everyday lives thanks to the skills of guide dogs.

Simplifying the everyday lives of people with reduced mobility

There are more than 5.5 million disabled people in France today. They include people with motor disability, autism, down syndrome, and multiple disabilities. Handi’Chiens Bretagne's dogs are intended for these people. These dogs provide great everyday help as well as moral and emotional support. Hence they facilitate social integration for disabled people.

Handi’Chiens Bretagne has been distributing guide dogs free of charge to people with motor disabilities since 2003.

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Trained and educated dogs

Every Handi’Chiens Bretagne dog receives a two-year training. During this time, they learn more than 50 different actions. The dogs are then capable of helping their owners in a variety of ways; from picking up and fetching an object, to barking upon command, or opening doors. The assistance provided by these guide dogs allows the beneficiaries to manage their disability better and become more independent.


The Air Liquide Foundation's contribution

In 2016, the Air Liquide Foundation helped Handi’Chiens Bretagne to buy four new puppies as well as an utility vehicle to transport the dogs.

In 2021, the Foundation contributes to the renovation of the existing kennels in order to welcome the dogs in optimal conditions and to enlarge their working space. This work is in response to a growing demand for assistance dogs and aims to achieve the goal of handing over 250 dogs by 2022.