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A Home for India's Street Children

Education and accommodation for 20 young boys from the streets of New Delhi in a safe and family environment

The Air Liquide Foundation is renewing its support for French association Chaya and Indian NGO Onyva, who have joined forces to help Delhi's street children. Their objective is to help these young people escape poverty and become responsible and educated citizens.

Our support during the Covid-19 pandemic

The association accommodates and provides education for 40 children and young people from 2 to 18 years old in 3 homes: Tara Tots, Tara Girls, Tara Boys. All the children of school age are enrolled in good schools. During the containment period, classes resumed via internet. The Air Liquide Foundation allows the acquisition of laptops to ensure the continuity of schooling in the homes. Once the schools have reopened, the laptops will be used by the children, the staff and for the computer classes given at the association's educational day center.

Covid-19 in India

Delhi's street children

According to UNICEF, there are 11 million abandoned children in India, and 150,000 children are living on the streets in New Delhi. Left to fend for themselves in extremely precarious conditions, these children are particularly vulnerable and often exploited by ill-intentioned people. The lack of shelters and infrastructures available to these children means they are often sent to prison. In the specific public infrastructures, the conditions in which they are received and housed are often very poor.

The TARA centers

Four TARA children's homes have been created since 2008. Each TARA home is designed to receive no more than 20 children to guarantee:

  • Individual care,

  • A safe home environment,

  • A quality education in Hindi and English,

  • Extra-curricular activities.

Focused on hospitality, support and respect, and employing only qualified professionals, the children receive an individualized education. The aim is to help each one of them gain independence so they can reintegrate into society.

Association Chaya France

4 centers in New Delhi

60 youth aged 2 to 22 sheltered

beneficiaries 2200 since 2008

How the Air Liquide Foundation is participating

In 2019, the Air Liquide Foundation renewed its support for Chaya France and Onyva to help ensure the TARA Boys center's stays effectively up and running. The center aims to provide the children with a safe environment with guaranteed access to an excellent education in good schools, and to develop their social and emotional skills.

boys aged 6 to 18 20 sheltered