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Improving sanitary conditions for schoolchildren in Madagascar

Building a sanitation facility in a rural school

The Air Liquide Foundation is supporting Association France-Madagascar, which builds schools in partnership with the Ministry of National Education in Madagascar.

Improving access to education and sanitation

Access to education, as well as water & sanitation issues, are some of the many challenges that Madagascar must face, particularly in rural areas. Association France-Madagascar, which has been active in various isolated villages on the north side of the island since 2006, is attempting to develop solutions to these problems. It has already built 4 elementary schools and 1 well.

Association France-Madagascar

Providing clean sanitary conditions

Association France Madagascar has built a sanitation facility in an elementary school in Mahasoa, on the northeast side of the island. The facility will provide clean sanitary conditions for the school's 240 students and 5 teachers, thereby preventing the spread of diseases caused by fecal contamination. These diseases are one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality in Madagascar.

How is the Air Liquide Foundation involved?

The Foundation has granted an endowment to build a sanitation facility comprised of 3 bathrooms and a water supply point.