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Supporting pregnant women in difficulty

Providing accommodation and a future to socially and economically vulnerable pregnant women in Paris

The Air Liquide Foundation supports the association La Maison de Marthe et Marie which helps pregnant women in difficulty by offering them low-rent shared apartment accommodation.

Pregnant women in difficulty

Pregnant women experiencing a double relationship breakdown -family and the father of their child are often isolated and particularly vulnerable.

Today, 40% of homeless people are women, and while the number of single-parent families is on the rise and poverty is increasing, there is no national statistic on the number of pregnant women living in substandard housing or on the streets. La Maison de Marthe et Marie therefore responds to this need to protect young mothers in extremely vulnerable situations.

A unique shared apartment system

Neither a hostel, nor a shelter, the shared apartment accommodation system is private housing that places isolated pregnant women together with volunteers who want to live with them to offer them support. Willing and committed to helping pregnant women in difficulty, these female volunteers share in the life of the future young mothers while also working outside of the shared apartment. Shared apartment accommodation meets the immediate need for housing and, more importantly, offers a healthy, safe and welcoming environment in which pregnant women can carry their baby to term.

6 shared apartments in France

86 babies born in the shared apartments

22 mothers and babies supported each year

A new future for the mothers

Employed local support managers guide the mothers through their administrative processes and their search for accommodation, employment and creche places to help prepare them for when they leave the shared apartment accommodation. Thanks to this support, 100% of the mothers have alternative accommodation in place when they leave La Maison de Marthe et Marie and set off with a plan for the future for themselves and their baby.

La Maison de Marthe et Marie

What the Air Liquide Foundation does

The Air Liquide Foundation finances the salary of one of the heads of the Paris branch for a full year.