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Support for refugees in France

Offer complete social and medical support to refugees

The Air Liquide Foundation is providing support for Parcours d’Exil, an association that offers complete social and medical support to refugees who have undergone extremely traumatic experiences.

Supporting people that are victims of human rights abuses

Nearly 45% of the refugees that come to France will end up in the Île-de-France region. Around 25 to 30% of these people suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress. Parcours d’Exil, a French association founded in 2001, manages a healthcare center that cares for these victims free of charge. The center offers a customized therapeutic pathway for each individual, helping them find work and integrate society.

Continued shelter and healthcare for refugees in the face of growing demand

The healthcare center takes in around 700 people every year. Because of the situation in Iraq and Syria, more and more patients are arriving at the center. They often include men and women suffering from depression related to the events they experienced in their country of origin and during their journey.

Parcours d’Exil offers them psychological support and medical care, as well as cultural outings. The association also helps them find work, by giving them French, IT and word processing lessons.

In order to be able to offer these lessons and medical support as efficiently as possible, the association is buying new equipment. Parcours d’Exil is also updating its website to provide refugees with better access to its services.

Learn more about Parcours d'Exil

The Air Liquide Foundation's contribution

The Air Liquide Foundation is supporting Parcours d’Exil by financing the acquisition of IT and video equipment, and materials for its art therapy workshops, as well as helping to redesign its website.