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Shelter for Child Abuse Victims in Chile

Renovating a care center in Santiago, Chile as part of a program for protecting young abuse victims.

For our first project in Chile, the Air Liquide Foundation is taking part in a program spearheaded by Fundación Ciudad del Niño to care for the most vulnerable children. Founded in 1934, the charity’s protection and prevention programs now reach over 18,500 children and teens in 9 of Chile’s 15 regions.

Rights of Abandoned Children

Despite the ratification of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1990, many children in Chile are still living in vulnerability, victims of violation of their human rights, affecting their mental, emotional and social integrity. Often the victims of violence at home, these children are left to fend for themselves. Fundación Ciudad del Nino has worked for  84 years to stop these abuses through more than a hundred programs  they developed to protect children.

Fundación Ciudad del Niño

Caring for Abused Children

The program Air Liquide is supporting, Programa de Reparación en Maltrato - Abuse Repair Program -, works with nearly 150 children and teens aged 3 to 18. All are victims of physical or sexual abuse. They are brought to the organization’s center in the Independencia neighborhood of Santiago where they receive psychological and legal help from five social workers, five psychologists and children’s rights specialists.

A Comfortable, Soothing Environment

Fundación Ciudad del Niño renovated and redecorated the Independencia center to provide these young people with a space where they can heal and attend therapy in a comfortable place, a comfy environment designed for working with children and families.

How Air Liquide Foundation is Helping

Wishing to contribute to this program in Chile, the Air Liquide Foundation covered the costs of redecorating the waiting room, the therapy room for young children and teens and the multipurpose room.

In addition, Air Liquide Chile employees participated in the project by renovating the center during two days of corporate volunteering.