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Integration through language classes given by migrants in France

Intercultural activities and teaching that help embrace new cultures

The Causons association promotes the social and professional inclusion of migrants and refugees by giving them the opportunity to teach their native language. Causons is also about intercultural events promoting discoveries, dialog and exchange to foster inclusion and social cohesion.

Intercultural exchanges

The project arose from the observation of negative discourse around migrants and refugees and their cultures, which creates an obstacle to their inclusion in society.

Causons aims to serve as a springboard for the social and professional integration of immigrants. The association's activities create a positive environment for them, conducive to meeting people, forging social bonds and acquiring new skills.

Causons Association

Language classes given by refugees

The association trains migrants and refugees in language teaching. Once they have completed their training, they teach their mother tongue (Arabic, Farsi, Russian, etc.) to groups of beginners or relative beginners interested in learning a new language.

In addition, the refugees receive ongoing support to help them find work (individual interviews, résumé workshop, etc.). Their language classes also give them a rewarding paid part-time job.

30 teachers trained since 2018

200 learners since 2018

1,000 participants in intercultural events

A project that boosts migrants

In addition to this workplace integration project, Causons aims to foster better intercultural understanding and to break down stereotypes about migrants and refugees. Having immigrants teach language classes values their skills and provides a different view of the helper/helped dynamic. It also stems from a belief that language is the ideal vehicle for finding out about a person and their culture.

France has one of the lowest immigrant employment rates of all developed countries.

40% of migrants have higher-education qualifications

How the Air Liquide Foundation is participating

The Air Liquide Foundation is helping to expand the project by financing educational materials for training new teachers.