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Employment-driven Inclusion in Grenoble

A job placement valuating program designed for individuals in search of employment who have been working with a social worker but do not fit the traditional hiring profile.

The Alyl organization acts as a liaison, putting companies with hiring needs in touch with people who are having trouble finding a job due to stigmas about their employment history. The SAS direct job placement program helps people who are out of work learn to navigate the working world.

Bringing Supply in Line With Demand in the Job Market

All too often, French companies complain of the trouble they are having filling vacancies; they are looking for motivated candidates and are willing to provide the requisite training. And yet, at the same time, unemployment remains high and employment agencies, despite their best efforts to support help individuals achieve the level of employability expected by the "traditional" economy, are stymied by the stigma surrounding certain candidates due to long periods of unemployment, for instance.

This is what drives the work of the Alyl organization, which offers a solution that brings these two ecosystems together.

The SAS - Taking the Direct Route to Employment

The organization's expertise is derived from the ALYL security model, which has been rewriting the rules of hiring for the past twelve years. The company only hires job seekers and people at risk for discrimination and provides them with training. 

The organization's goal for this project is to develop a three-week program to help people re-enter the workforce after long periods of unemployment. The proposed initiative is part of a program aimed at helping people remain employed and it will provide proof of the beneficiaries' employability. After each selection phase, cohorts are formed with ten motivated individuals. The initiative has two distinct phases:

  • An initial week of workshops covering how employers expect their employees to behave at work
  • This is followed by two weeks of immersion at a company, where employees volunteer to mentor the trainees

At least 50% of recipient found jobs in the 3 months after the program in 2020

70% of those hired still at their jobs 6 months after recruitment