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Air, the exhibition that inspires and educates young people and the general public

An exhibition on air quality and its issues at the Exploradôme museum

The Exploradôme is an interactive science museum sited in Vitry-sur-Seine (94-Val-de-Marne) since 2009, with ambitious targets in terms of equal opportunities and social cohesion. Thanks to the association Savoir Apprendre, the museum offers young people better access to scientific and technical culture and raises their awareness of environmental issues. The Air Liquide Foundation is supporting the renewal of the "Air, l'expo qui inspire" [Air, the exhibition that inspires] exhibition.

A museum where "it is forbidden not to touch"

The Exploradôme is the third largest science center in Île-de-France, after the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie and the Palais de la Découverte. It is an interactive science, multimedia and sustainable development museum located in Vitry-sur-Seine. It is aimed at everyone from age 4 upwards, and particularly young girls in the hope of steering them towards careers in science and technology, but also families and school groups from priority districts. With its fun yet educational approach and helpful mediators, visitors become immersed in science without needing any prior knowledge. The starting point for discussions between the public and the Exploradôme mediators is interactive modules that bring scientific phenomena to life, inspire the visitors' curiosity and encourage them to discover and learn by carrying out experiments. All the modules are designed by the Savoir Apprendre association's prototyping workshop.


Over 1,000,000 children have visited the Exploradôme exhibitions

Air, l'expo qui inspire

Created for COP21, the "Air, l'expo qui inspire" interactive exhibition addresses the topic of air quality and its issues. It sheds light on the questions that are on the public's mind, gives them the keys to understanding these challenges faced by society, helps deconstruct fake news and allows them to make their own contribution as a citizen. Aerodynamics, the propagation of sounds and smells, the role of respiration and the climate in particular, are addressed in the exhibition in the form of: Scientific educational content Interactive exhibits Quizzes The exhibition needs to be updated and enriched to increase its relevance and impact and to improve its awareness-raising potential with the public. Indoor and outdoor air quality will be addressed in a fresh new way. Using a digital tool, the public can visualize in real time the outdoor air quality of a place of their choice, see its spatial and temporal evolution and identify the pollutants involved. Visitors can also measure the indoor air quality of the exhibition site, discover the specifics of the pollutants concerned and learn useful actions they can take to protect themselves from it. The module dedicated exclusively to Climate engages the public with a digital quiz and a citizen voting system. The exhibition will be accessible at the Exploradôme in 2021-2022, followed by traveling exhibitions across the country, including outside of Metropolitan France, in science centers, media libraries and schools.

Over 100,000 people have discovered this exhibition

How the Air Liquide Foundation is participating

The Air Liquide Foundation is helping to buy the equipment needed to update the exhibition and create two new modules. The expertise of Air Liquide Paris Innovation Campus employees is also being harnessed to renew the exhibition's scientific content.