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Discovering science at the Exploradôme in France

Science Clubs offering “Citizen Science” for young people from underprivileged areas of Vitry-sur-Seine

For the second time, the Air Liquide Foundation is supporting the association Savoir Apprendre with its Exploraclubs scheme, which offers science workshops to young people from disadvantaged areas to introduce them to fields such as robotics and raise their awareness of environmental issues.

Supporting disadvantaged youngsters

The association Savoir Apprendre manages the Exploradôme, a science museum in Vitry-sur-Seine, just outside Paris. The museum aims to facilitate access to culture, particularly for young people from disadvantaged areas, through schemes such as Exploraclubs. These clubs offer free after-school science teaching in partnership with local community centres. Groups are kept small so as to cultivate a climate of trust, respect and understanding and enable every one of the young people concerned (aged 8-14) to get fully involved.


Raising young people's awareness of environmental issues

Following the great success of the first two Exploraclubs, the association decided to create a third club, entitled “Citizen Science”, to raise youngsters' awareness of environmental issues such as water management, air pollution and climate change. The first few sessions are devoted to scientific experiments which gradually encourage the children to think about more general issues. The children then choose a subject and design an animated film to convey a message to their fellow citizens. At the end of the club, the Exploradôme organizes a celebration to show off the children's work.

Involvement of the Air Liquide Foundation

The Air Liquide Foundation is supporting Savoir Apprendre by helping it to acquire the furniture and computer and science equipment it needs for its workshops.