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Ukrainian refugees: the Fondation Air Liquide supports its first projects

  • Solidarity Ukraine
La Gourbe, France, March 2022

March 31st 2022- With millions of people  seeking refuge in the European Union from the war in Ukraine, the Air Liquide Foundation is stepping up its efforts, thanks to Air Liquide’s European teams and the donations from many shareholders and employees of Air Liquide.

Five projects have already received a grant from the Foundation. All are sponsored and then monitored by Air Liquide employees.

#1 Delivery of medical equipment with the “Fédération Nationale de la Protection Civile”

The French relief agency “Protection Civile” is collecting and centralising donations of medical equipment,  before sending them to Poland and ensuring local delivery to hospitals. 11 lorries left for Poland on March 19th and reached Lublin on March 21st. 

#2 Transporting basic necessities with “La Gerbe”

“La Gerbe” sends 1 semi-trailer per week of basic necessities (hygiene, beds, nappies, etc.) from Les Mureaux (France) to the Polish border, where it relies on a local network of associations. La Gerbe, is a member of the “PTCE Vivre Les Mureaux”, a partner of the Foundation.

#3 Transport of basic necessities with “Solidarités International”

“Solidarités International”, a French charity, organizes  convoys of basic necessities (hygiene, first aid) from France to the Polish-Ukrainian border where they have teams. An Air Liquide employee already has an assignment with them to transfer skills.

#4 Welcome shelters and access to care in Romania with “AVSI Foundation”

Italian charity “AVSI” provides assistance (hygiene, psychological follow-up, assistance with integration into the country) to refugees in several cities in Romania. The Foundation is funding daily appliances for a shelter.

#5 Medical care with Sauv, a physicians’ first-aid charity in France.

“Sauv”, a physicians’ charity in France is extending medical checks to refugees from Ukraine arriving in France. It requires telemedicine tools for its practitioners and the Fondation Air Liquide is contributing to funding their mobile unit.

Every week, the Fondation Air Liquide reviews and supports new projects across Europe, thanks to the commitment and generosity of employees and shareholders of Air Liquide.