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Support for comatose children in Poland

Equipment for a medical center for comatose children in Warsaw, Poland

The Akogo Foundation has founded a medical center dedicated to the complete care of comatose children in Poland, called Klinika Budzika (the awakening clinic). The Air Liquide Foundation is contributing to its work by financing the acquisition of new specialized medical devices.

A specialized medical center for comatose children

The Polish healthcare system is ranked 34th out of 35 according to the Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI)1. There is significant inequality in access to healthcare between the richest and the poorest members of the population.

In 2013, the Akogo Foundation ("Akogo" means “And who?” in Polish) created a medical center based in the Warsaw Children's Health Center, in partnership with the government. Klinika Budzika is the first specialized medical center for comatose children in Poland. This medical center provides free care for a duration of 12 to 18 months.

1. The EHCI is a study published by the Health Consumer Powerhouse every year. It compares and ranks the healthcare systems of 35 European countries, taking 48 indicators into account.

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Care for children suffering from severe cranial trauma

Klinika Budzika provides care to comatose children aged 2 to 18. These children have suffered from severe cranial trauma. A personalized medical plan is drawn up as soon as they arrive. They then receive a complete and free care until they wake up, followed by a reeducation program. The center is open to families of patients 24h/day and they also benefit from counseling.

In the first two years after Klinika Budzika’s opening, 26 children came out of their coma and 13 more benefited from intensive neurological reeducation.


The Air Liquide Foundation's contribution

With the support of the Air Liquide Foundation, the Akogo Foundation has acquired new specialized medical devices, including an oculometer, which measures eye movement and specially designed ergonomic chairs for children.