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Renovation of a maternity ward in Senegal

With Voiles Sans Frontières

The Air Liquide Foundation is renewing its support for Voiles Sans Frontières (VSF), an association rehabilitating the maternity ward in the village of Bassar in the Sine-Saloum islands, in the west of Senegal. Another of VSF's projects to renovate a school was supported by the Air Liquide Foundation in 2011.

Difficult access to healthcare in the Sine-Saloum islands

The village of Bassar is located in a remote part of the Sine-Saloum Delta, which is only accessible by boat and whose sewage infrastructure is inadequate. The remoteness of medical centers makes access to healthcare more difficult.

Renovation of a maternity ward in the village of Bassar

Bassar's medical center cannot provide adequate care for mothers and infants. The facilities are decrepit and the building has no electricity or continuous supply of drinking water. VSF's project consists in:

  • renovating the medical center and converting it to a dedicated maternity ward;

  • equipping the building, which was recently fitted with solar panels and a rainwater recovery system, with a waste incinerator;

  • replacing the medical equipment;

  • building accommodation for the midwife, to allow her to live near the maternity ward;

  • building a facility dedicated to general practice.

Delivery of building work material by dugout canoe © Voiles sans Frontières

The contribution of the Air Liquide Foundation

The Air Liquide Foundation is financing the purchase of the materials needed to renovate the maternity and build the midwife's accommodation. In this way, the Foundation is helping to improve the quality of healthcare provided to the inhabitants of Bassar and the neighboring villages.

Opening of the Maternity Ward

The Bassar Health Center’s Maternity Ward officially opened its doors on November 23, 2016 after 18 months of works. The inhabitants of Bassar, and the surrounding region, will benefit from a new, extended and renovated Health Center, now fitted with medical and IT equipment. Rainwater recovery and solar power systems in all buildings mean the maternity ward is completely self-sufficient.

Thanks to the construction of accommodation next to the new maternity, the Health Center has also been able to hire a midwife, ensuring better support for pregnant women and improved neonatal monitoring. The number of prenatal consultations has been multiplied by 5 and a family planning department has been created.

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