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Study of biomarkers of Covid-19 aggravation

Anticipating treatment of patients before their condition worsens

Clinicians are observing a delayed worsening after 7 days in certain patients suffering from Covid-19. Runaway of the immune system is reported as a cause of this aggravation and potentially of death. A team of scientists and doctors from the Grenoble Alpes University Hospital Center and from Grenoble Alpes University has embarked on bio-clinical research to understand and anticipate this aggravation.

Immune system runaway

SARS-CoV-21 is a new virus for which the population has no pre-existing immunity. Delayed worsening of the condition of some patients suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), responsible for almost all stays in intensive care, is observed at around the 8th day following the first clinical signs. Runaway of the immune system, referred to as a “cytokine storm”, is reported as a cause of this potentially fatal aggravation.

Prof. Olivier Epaulard, an infectious disease specialist at the Grenoble Alpes University Hospital Center (CHUGA), Dr. Audrey Le Gouellec and Prof. Bertrand Toussaint, both medical biologists at the CHUGA and researchers at the TIMC-IMAG laboratory (CNRS/UGA/Grenoble INP-UGA) are seeking to understand this runaway of the immune system. The aim is to anticipate the aggravation by determining biomarkers that are precursors of the development of the disease and treat patients before it appears using immuno-suppressive therapies to block the body’s immune reactions.

The team is tracking patients at Day 0, Day 5 and Day 7 of their hospitalization and is looking for the biomarkers that predict this deterioration.

The results are shared and used to benefit all patients in France and abroad.

1. SARS-COV-2: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - Coronavirus-2

UGA Foundation

How the Air Liquide Foundation is participating

The Air Liquide Foundation is assisting with the acquisition of cutting-edge equipment and reagents.