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Socio-professional integration for people with mental disabilities in Spain

Training in new information and communication technology

The Air Liquide Foundation is supporting the Gil Gayarre Foundation in its efforts to promote the rights of people with cognitive impairments by encouraging their inclusion in society. The Air Liquide Foundation is helping the cause by giving them training in new technology.

Our support during the Covid-19 pandemic

In 2020, 69 mentally handicapped women and men were confined to two residential centres of the Gil Gayarre Foundation. These people have other illnesses and associated pathologies: heart disease, diabetes, cognitive decline, behavioural disorders, etc. Most of them have only the Foundation as their home and family. For many of them, this means that they are isolated and at risk in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. In order to provide them with the best support and protect them as much as possible from contagion, the Gil Gayarre Foundation made a very important effort of reorganization at all levels: places, staff, intensification of cleaning measures and personal ́hygiène, catering service, cleaning and disinfection of the facilities, etc. The Air Liquide Foundation contributed to the acquisition of basic hygiene and pharmaceutical equipment, personal protective equipment and to the cost of cleaning and disinfecting the centers.

A marginalized population

More than 500 people of all ages with cognitive impairment are receiving assistance from the Gil Gayarre Foundation at a specialized learning center, two vocational training centers (carpentry, painting, book binding) and two employment centers (laundry, gardening, industrial cleaning).

People with mental disabilities are often excluded from the development of information and communication technology (ICT). The difficulties they experience using ICT are obstacles to their social integration and their inclusion in the job market.

Gil Gayarre Foundation

Achieve self-sufficiency through training

The workshops offered by the Gil Gayarre Foundation seek to correct this situation. Stimulating learning through the use of fun applications enables beneficiaries to gain concrete skills that help them find their footing in modern society. In addition to improving their professional prospects, this training improves their self-esteem.

The majority of the 500 beneficiaries of the Gil Gayarre Foundation, from the youngest to the oldest, will participate in the ICT training workshops.

How the Air Liquide Foundation is participating to the socio-professional integration

The Air Liquide Foundation is funding the purchase of suitable computer learning equipment so that these ICT workshops can be held under the best conditions.