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Qualifying for shortage jobs in the Jura region in France

Development of the "Juralternance" production school

The ECCOFOR (Écouter Comprendre Former*) association aims to help the professional integration of young school dropouts. It opened “Juralternance”, the first production school in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region of France, in 2012. This school offers training in automotive mechanics, locksmithing and metalwork. The Air Liquide Foundation supports its development: the purchase of the equipment necessary for its metalworking training and the construction and internal installation of the association's new premises in order to enable it to increase its training offer.

Training adapted to the employment area of ​​Dole

The Dole employment area faces today the double problem of youth unemployment on the one hand and the shortage of labor in technical occupations on the other hand. In the heart of the Jura region, there is, therefore, a growing need for a training offer adapted to the local situation in terms of manpower and with regard to the training already existing in this territory. Two shortage sectors have been identified by ECCOFOR: the automotive sector and metalwork. Viticulture, a sector more attractive for young girls, is also booming.

Working for the integration of the "invisible" young people

The "Juralternance" production school, created by ECCOFOR, is aimed at young NEETs ("not in education, employment and training"), who often remain invisible and receive little support. Based on the pedagogy of "learning by doing", it offers to these young people a free training based on the alternation between practical workshops and general education.

Thus, ECCOFOR has a threefold objective:

  • Offer a licenced training to its beneficiaries in order to reduce the risk of unemployment following the training 
  • Provide the beneficiaries with a real qualification thanks to an enriched experience, where the students are involved in the realisation of real projects ordered by clients, as in a actual company 
  • Ensure the professional integration of the young beneficiaries

80% successful professional integration

30 young people per promotion by 2023

Eccofor - video

“Learning by doing”

The production school's learning-by-doing methodology is as follows:

  • Recruitment of young people solely on the basis of their motivation 
  • Classes are made up of small groups of around ten people 
  • Support by teachers who have professional experience in the field 
  • Work on real customer orders

Complete educational monitoring of students through regular meetings between the educational team and the student and interviews with the families. 

At “Juralternance”, the practice / theory classes alternate in the same week, or even in the same day. In addition, students who have completed their studies benefit from a follow-up by the school’s educational team for three years after their graduation.

To be able to accommodate more young people and offer them a more diversified selection of training courses, ECCOFOR has built new premises for the production school. This allows the centralisation of its activities in one place, which increases the efficiency of its functioning. Its students were also involved in the manufacture of 3 staircases, 2 walkways and the guardrails in the workshops and for the shelving for the storage of tires in the new Juralternance buildings.

The Air Liquide Foundation's contribution

After an initial support for the acquisition of equipment for the metalworking training in 2016, the Air Liquide Foundation continues its involvement by contributing to the purchase of the fences and the gate of the new site of the "Juralternance" production school.


“I greatly admire the atmosphere that reigns within the association, the results already obtained and the interpersonal skills of the students.”

Vincent Aubert, Automotive Manufacturing Development Engineer, Air Liquide France Industrie - Industrial Merchant