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Preparing young people for a company apprenticeship

Supporting young people in the development of the interpersonal skills necessary for adapting to corporate environment through solidary missions

The “Solidary Apprentices” project of the AFEV association helps young people acquire the skills necessary to adapt to the corporate environment. By involving them in general interest missions in the form of Civic Service volunteering, AFEV's ambition is to facilitate the professional integration of these young people and to respond to the difficulties faced by companies in recruiting young apprentices. The Air Liquide Foundation supports the first promotion of students in Metz.

Support tailored to the needs of the labor market

AFEV has often been alerted to the difficulties companies have in recruiting young apprentices, despite the existence of a significant number of young applicants. Indeed, the latter have important gaps in terms of interpersonal skills. It is also frequent that these young people accumulate difficulties: no diploma, no job, health problems (diagnosed or not), complex family situations, legal problems, poverty, etc.

Promoting the integration of young people without qualifications

To respond to the two-sided issue encountered by young people and companies, AFEV offers an innovative program. “Solidary Apprentices” helps young people discover the professional environment through Civic Service volunteering. Thanks to the commitment to social utility missions that it offers, AFEV encourages young people to be useful to society, all the while developing skills that will strengthen their ability to obtain a work-study contract.

This apprenticeship preparation adapts to the local context and aims to supplement the already existing measures, in order to work hand in hand with the local institutions. Its objective is to have the most appropriate response to the needs of young people, in the same dynamic as the French government initiative "1 young person, 1 solution".

Up to 26 hours of Civic Service per week per young person

Up to 10 students by promotion

The Work

Following a successful pilot phase of Solidary Apprentices, AFEV is preparing a new promotion of 10 young people for its branch in Metz. This promotion is sponsored by the Richemont and Hauconcourt sites of the Air Liquide Group.

These young people will engage in a six-month Civic Service volunteering from January 2022. On the program:

  • Solidary missions that allow the development of “soft skills”, such as punctuality, teamwork, respect for instructions, etc.
  • Refresher courses in French and Mathematics, so that they regain a sufficient level to follow the courses offered in the Apprentice Training Center
  • A discovery of the corporate environment: site visits, meetings with professionals, presentations of the specificities of various professions, periods of immersion in a professional environment, etc.
  • Cultural workshops aiming to develop additional skills: theater, radio, ecological awareness, etc.
  • Individual and collective support by promotion provided by an AFEV employee dedicated to the project during their six months of assignment

At the end of these 6 months of preparation, the students will register at the Apprentice Training Center and sign a work-study contract with a local company.

In each territory, AFEV establishes partnerships with professional organisations and the public employment service, in order to identify the professions and skills in short supply.

The Air Liquide Foundation's contribution

The Air Liquide Foundation is funding the management of the young students and the purchase of safety equipment.

Afev France


“Throughout my career, I have always been committed to others. Being able to transmit these values ​​to 10 young people in Metz is a project that is close to my heart. This will allow them to find themselves and understand what they like to do in order to choose their future profession!”

Camille Erbstein, Territorial Delegate, Metz, AFEV