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Other Refugees Reception Centers Projects

Study and family rooms for refugees from Ukraine - Dormagener Sozialdienst - Germany

Dormagener Sozialdienst, a non-profit organization promoting education, welfare and social services in the city of Dormagen, is transforming a former primary school into a refugee center to accommodate 190 refugees. The donation of €12979 will be used to buy furniture and IT material for the study and the family rooms.

A shelter and language classes Caritas Düsseldorf - Klara Gase Haus - Germany

Caritas Dusseldorf has been using an ex nursing home to accommodate 111 refugees, mostly women and children. The association offers shelter but also organizes language classes for all residents. In addition, children receive school classes and adults access training courses to prepare for the German job market.  The volunteers also offer social counseling and translation aids. The donation of € 25000 is to modernize the IT system of the house to make sure all refugees have good access to modern IT facilities. The new IT system will also allow the possibility of giving language classes, training classes and children’s school.

Reception and follow-up of 4 young Ukrainian refugees - Diakonie Düsseldorf - Germany

The project is about furnishing and renovating a shared-flat for 4 young refugees from Ukraine.  Besides accommodating the children, the association takes care of the youth with educational and psychological support. The 9 600€ endowment of the Air Liquide Foundation will cover the refurnishing of the flat.

Long-stay refugee shelter in Dnipro - New Life Evangelical charitable organization - Ukraine 

Since 2009, the New Life Evangelical charitable organization has been providing warm food and shelter to homeless people in Dnipro city. It now helps Ukrainians suffering from the war by providing humanitarian aid, warehouses, evacuation of people, refugee centers, and free psychological assistance. The long-stay refugee shelter project in Dnipro is for people evacuated from regions where hostilities are currently taking place. The dotation of €20,000 will be used to equip the shelter in Dnipro.