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Helping Indian deprived women to launch their entreprises

Training in tailoring in Southern India

The Air Liquide Foundation is supporting Social Action for Value Education (SAVE) Trust, an Indian NGO helping marginalized populations since 2003. SAVE Trust has implemented a project of professional integration for women living in the slums of Chennai, India.

Our support during the Covid-19 pandemic

Due to the lockdown, the people in slums have lost their daily work and earnings. With the Air Liquide Foundation's support during the first and second wave, SAVE Trust has helped 1190 families including the women of the tailoring project by providing sanitary supplies (soap, masks, napkins), basic needs (rice, oil, sugar and spices) and school supplies. Some of the trained women through the tailoring project are voluntarily getting involved in stitching masks at the tailoring training centres and at their homes; these masks are being distributed for free to children and women.

Professional training

SAVE Trust is supporting 50 Indian deprived women towards financial autonomy. The beneficiaries are following two courses over a 12 month period:

  • The first course is on tailoring. Women learn sewing skills such as taking measurements, cutting, stitching, fixing buttons and bobbin work
  • The second course is on life skills like communication, leadership, first-aid and business management skills

Thanks to this professional training, the women shall be able to launch their own tailoring shops. The seed money they will receive will enable them to buy the necessary equipment to open their businesses. In a longer term, the women will continue to benefit from the guidance of the staff members to ensure the positive development of their enterprises.

Thanks to this professional training, the women shall be able to launch their own tailoring shops.

Social Action for Value Education

Empowering disadvantaged women

The training centre is located in the North of Chennai, at the intersection of slums where people live in poor conditions. The situation is particularly critical for young widows and poor women. 

With this project, the women will be able to develop sustainable businesses and earn a decent income. In addition to providing to their children, the women will enhance their economic and social status, enabling hopes for a better life.

The contribution of the Air Liquide Foundation

The Air Liquide Foundation allowance is used to purchase sewing machines and materials, pay the teacher, rent of the training centers, provide seed money to the beneficiaries and monitor and support the staff members.