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Helping battered women achieve self-sufficiency in Benin

Developing an eco-friendly vocational training farm to help women's social and economic reintegration

Ya Tchegbo is a joint French and Beninese international solidarity organization created in 2016. The Air Liquide Foundation is helping to develop its eco-friendly vocational training farm, which provides shelter and professional training to battered women in Benin.

Shelter and eco-friendly farm

Ya Tchegbo has taken in 32 adult women—some alone, some with their children—in order to help them get back on their feet and reintegrate themselves into Beninese society.

Residents receive three types of assistance: 

  • Psychological support: the women receive counseling and participate in therapeutic workshops
  • Training: the women are trained in activities related to livestock farming (where they work with ducks, sheep, laying hens, pig pens, snails, and fish breeding), eco-friendly agriculture, and the processing of farm products
  • Social and educational services: following their training, the women receive tailored supervision as they attempt to rejoin society; in addition, they may also receive microloans from the Ministry of Microfinance, in order to help them accomplish their goals

Residents also receive guidance from the Centre Intégré de Prise en Charge des Violences Basées sur le Genre (CIPEC/VG) in Cotonou, the Centre de Promotion Sociale (CPS) in Calavi, and social welfare organizations. 

The program, which lasts for six months (with a one-time option for renewal), will set them on the path toward self-sufficiency.

Violence against women

According to the United Nations (2017), violence against women is one of the most systematic and widespread human-rights violations. This violence leads to women being excluded from the workforce. In Benin, this problem is aggravated by illiteracy, economic dependence, and a lack of awareness of their rights.

Although Benin has been combating violence against women since 2012, its shelters and professional integration programs have not been sufficient. The organization Ya Tchegbo was founded to provide general guidance toward self-sufficiency, including psychological support and professional training.

How is the Air Liquide Foundation involved?

The Air Liquide Foundation is helping to build livestock facilities and accommodation for the women, while also assisting in the acquisition of training equipment.