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France-Ukraine Medical and Charitable Aid

Sending medical aid to a Ukrainian civilian hospital 


The association is in contact with Ukrainian hospitals to monitor urgent local health needs. It then orders the necessary medical equipment from its partners and manages the delivery to the Romanian border

A strong link with Ukrainian hospitals  

The Aide Médicale et Caritative France-Ukraine association was created in 2014 following the violence in Dombass. It has strong links with hospitals in Ukraine who inform them of urgent needs related to the war and has several hospital partnerships in France. Since the beginning of the conflict, the association has sent first aid kits for the wounded and tries to respond to the needs of hospitals.

An urgent request from orthopedic surgeons 

The association processes requests for medical equipment according to the urgency of the demand and then looks for partners to distribute the necessary medical equipment. In the framework of this project, the association received an urgent request from orthopedic surgeons in the hospital of Rozdilna, in the Odessa region of southern Ukraine. This hospital receives many people with gunshot wounds, traumatic wounds and severe skin burns. The orthopedic department is in great need of equipment because the number of people with bone injuries is increasing every day. They lack screws and plates, battery-operated orthopedic surgery motors, surgical equipment such as forceps, Hoffman retractors, rugines. In addition, two other emergencies in this department are the lack of external fixators to immobilize fractured bone fragments and the lack of negative pressure therapy devices to treat deep wounds that cannot be sutured.

Sending the material

The association therefore made an estimate for this equipment with a privileged American partner. The association translates the instructions for use and then manages the logistics of delivery to the border between Romania and Ukraine with one of its partners. The hospital then takes over from the border to collect the equipment. The hospitals undertake to follow up on the aid provided, in particular by indicating the number of beneficiaries treated by this equipment.

The Air Liquide Foundation's contribution 

The Foundation finances the purchase of medical equipment to treat bone injuries: external fixators to immobilize fractured bone fragments and negative pressure therapy devices to treat deep wounds that cannot be sutured.


“This project addresses the basic need for access to health care in wartime.”

Olesia Mokrenko, Hydrogen Energy Trailer, ALSA