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Fostering professional reintegration with urban gardens

Creating eco-friendly urban gardens to facilitate social and professional reintegration

The Air Liquide Foundation is partnering up with Fundación Pueblo Para Pueblo (FPP) to improve the welfare of vulnerable individuals. In Seville, the FPP has created a series of eco-friendly urban vegetable gardens as part of its “3C” program (“Cultivating the Climate and Community”). The two-year program, which is open to 90 people, provides training in eco-friendly agriculture and facilitates the social and professional reintegration of those in need.

Andalusia numbers among the poorest comunidades (local administrative regions) in Spain, with 25.5% of the population living in poverty, and 9.9% in extreme poverty (with income below €4,104/year)1. In 2018, the unemployment rate in Seville was 22.25%, compared to the national rate of 14.55%. In addition to unemployment, the population also experiences precarious employment, with low wages and a preponderance of temporary contracts.

1. 2017 data

Urban community gardens

Fundación Pueblo Para Pueblo (FPP) recently acquired a parcel of 5,000 sq. m. in Alamillo park, in order to set up its “3C” urban garden program. This program has been running since 2014, in 12 sites in Spain. It is designed to facilitate the social and professional reintegration of vulnerable and excluded individuals. 

Each of the 30 participants in the “3C” program is allocated a parcel of 30 sq. m. A shared parcel is cultivated by the whole group, under the supervision of an instructor. For two years, participants attend training workshops three times a week with three members of their family, where they learn about agriculture, nutrition, health, and environmental protection. Workshops are also organized to facilitate their social and professional reintegration (self-esteem, initiative, etc.).

Fundación Pueblo Para Pueblo

Fundación Pueblo Para Pueblo

How is the Foundation involved?

The Air Liquide Foundation pays for the equipment needed to outfit the parcel (security fencing and an irrigation system) and cultivate the garden (seed kits and gardening supplies).