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©Village Pilote

Professional rehabilitation of street children in Dakar

through organic farming training in Senegal

The Air Liquide Foundation is supporting Village Pilote in the development of a farm-school for the street children of Dakar.

The Village Pilote

Since 1994, Village Pilote has been helping street children in Dakar with prevention, protection and rehabilitation programs.

The Village Pilote project supported by the Air Liquide Foundation aims to facilitate the professional rehabilitation of street children in Dakar, in particular by teaching them about organic farming. The aim is to enable each child to manage their own plot of land within the three-hectare area available in the Pilot Village's allotment. With this project, the farm-school helps both to educate children and to ensure they have enough to eat.

Training in the Pilot Village is divided into several phases

  • adaptation and learning about various professions: construction, woodwork, electricity, agriculture, and institutional catering
  • an 18-month course specializing in organic farming
  • basic education: reading and writing

The support of Air Liquide Foundation allows the association to build two wells in the vegetable garden in order to extend the farm-school's farmable area.

Awarded at the Air Liquide Foundation Awards 2016

The depth and viability of Village Pilote’s work earned the association the Air Liquide Foundation Award for Social Innovation in 2016. Discover the interview of Loïc Tréguy, Chairman and Founder of Village Pilote.

The 2016 Air Liquide Foundation Awards: interview of Loïc Tréguy, Chairman and Founder of Village Pilote


  • Project initiator: The Village Pilote association
  • Location: Déni Biram Ndao village, Senegal
  • Supported in: 2014
  • Air Liquide sponsor: Bernard Kane, Air Liquide Senegal