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One Foundation, four missions

  • Environment

    Scientific research on protecting the environment favoring everything that can contribute to preserving our planet’s atmosphere

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  • Health/breathing

    Scientific research on improving the respiratory function, especially in the medical sector and in exploration (space, deep-sea diving)

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  • Science Education

    Support for science education in the the environment and health/breathing

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  • Local Development

    Support for local initiatives, encouraging proximity actions and local anchoring in the regions of the world where the Group is present and in fields like education, handicap...

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In the spotlight

Shelter for Child Abuse Victims in Chile

Renovating a care center in Santiago, Chile as part of a program for protecting young abuse victims.

Combating neglected tropical diseases in Ghana

A program to reduce the prevalence of two parasitic tropical diseases

ICE MEMORY, preserving the precious heritage of ice

Creation of a vault containing non-polar ice cores in the Antarctic to study climate change

Sport for People with Muscular Dystrophy in Singapore

Making boccia, a ball sport, accessible to people with muscular dystrophy to increase their mental and physical well-being

The Air Liquide Foundation in numbers


research projects supported by the Foundation since 2008


local initiatives supported by the Foundation since 2008


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