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One Foundation, three missions

  • Environment

    Scientific research on protecting the environment favoring everything that can contribute to preserving our planet’s atmosphere

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  • Health/breathing

    Scientific research on improving the respiratory function, especially in the medical sector and in exploration (space, deep-sea diving)

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  • Local Development

    Support for local initiatives, encouraging proximity actions and local anchoring in the regions of the world where the Group is present and in fields like education, handicap...

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In the spotlight

Developing libraries and promoting reading in Tunisia

Support for the development of infrastructures to promote reading in the governorate of Kasserine in the center-west of Tunisia

Restoring bee populations in France

Designing a new, natural solution for fighting the varroa parasite

Fighting the Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Looking for therapeutic molecules to fight respiratory diseases caused by the respiratory syncytial virus

Fighting early school leaving in France

A project to give young people who drop out of school a route into employment

The Air Liquide Foundation in numbers


research projects supported by the Foundation since 2008


micro-initiatives supported by the Foundation since 2008


countries where the Foundation supports or studies projects