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Dental care for street children in the Philippines

Ensure the viability of a dental clinic and the quality of care given to children

The Air Liquide Foundation is helping the Virlanie Foundation, an organization that helps abandoned, exploited and orphaned street children in the Philippines. The association has created a dental health clinic in Metro Manila to complete its health programs for the most disadvantaged children.

Our support during the Covid-19 pandemic

Virlanie makes sure that the street-based families and the poor communities they support are provided with the best care they deserve to keep them away from the threats of COVID-19. Virlanie procure medical and hygiene kits, packed food and masks to these families and the children.  The Air Liquide Foundation contributes to the purchase and distribution of these foodstuffs and equipment to 500 families in Metro Manila.

Solidarity Against COVID-19 campaign

Oral diseases in poor children

The children who benefit from Virlanie's programs come from the streets, land fills or extremely poor urban areas and suffer from all types of oral diseases, including cavities and mouth infections. These illnesses are expensive to treat, not to mention painful with long-term effects on health and well-being. Yet they are usually treatable and preventable.

For over 10 years, Virlanie and its partner, the French Association for Oral Implantology and Periodontology, have organized short-term campaigns to provide basic dental care to street children by going to them with portable medical equipment loaned by the partner.

Fondation Virlanie

Outfitting a permanent clinic

In 2017, inspired by the results of its children's health missions, Virlanie created a permanent dental clinic to serve more patients and extend the impact of its activities. This is what prompted Virlanie to seek aid from the Air Liquide Foundation to permanently acquire the medical equipment needed to care for the children's oral diseases. Two dentists and one dental assistant see an average of eight patients per day to treat cavities and all other oral diseases. Their goals are to:

  • Reduce the occurrence of cavities, other diseases and related pathologies
  • Restore damaged or missing teeth
  • Offer ongoing dental care and prevent recurrence thanks to regular appointments

Each year this program benefits 200 children from the organization's shelter and 400 children from the marginalized communities served by Virlanie.

How the Air Liquide Foundation is participating

The foundation is supporting this program by paying for a set of dental tools and equipment to guarantee the quality of treatment given and to ensure the clinic's sustainability (X-ray machine, t X-rays, intra-oral sensors, etc.).