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Combating early school dropout in Canada

A sports-study program in Montreal for young people who have dropped out of school and are at risk of marginalization.

Montreal-based association Ali et les Princes de la Rue strives to prevent school dropout, violence and delinquency. Through martial arts, the association helps troubled youngsters to rebuild their self-confidence. The Air Liquide Foundation is supporting its sports-study program: L’Ecole de la relève.

A stimulating environment

The project is part of the fight against school dropout and social exclusion. In 2015, it was estimated that 18% of young Montrealers had dropped out of school before they graduated.This phenomenon exposes them to serious risks of juvenile delinquency, leading to an increase in crime rates. Ali et les Princes de la Rue is both a sports center and a resource center where young people often find invaluable psychological and educational support. Through martial arts, young people learn the concept of self-control and rebuild their self-confidence. The resource center engages in prevention work on drugs and sexuality, as well as providing information on subjects such as the job market and schooling.

L’Ecole de la relève

L’Ecole de la relève (which translates as 'School for the next generation') is a sports-study program for young people aged 16-25 all confronted with school dropout, violence and the risk of social exclusion. There are places for a maximum of 20 young people per 3-4 month session, with each one of them receiving individual supervision and support from teachers, educators and social workers.

The objective is threefold:

  • To enable young people to continue or resume their education
  • To help them obtain a qualification
  • To provide career guidance

The mornings are devoted to classes, with sporting activities and employment workshops in the afternoon.

Ali et les Princes de la Rue is running this project in collaboration with parents (whose involvement is key to the success of the program) as well as the young people's schools and Quebec's Ministry of Education

There are places for a maximum of 20 young people per 3-4 month session

Involvement of the Air Liquide Foundation

In 2017, the Foundation funded the purchase of 8 computers for the office automation and programming courses. In 2018, the Foundation renews its support by participating in the acquisition of sports and didactic equipment.