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Civic Educational Association - Poland

Educational support for children refugees from Ukraine by including them in Polish schools

SKT 64 STO (Social Educational Society) is an association running non-public schools in Poland. Reacting to the current crisis, they support 40 children who are war refugees from Ukraine in terms of education. By including them in classes, they want to enable these children to complete the school year in the most normal conditions possible.

Ukrainian children having to stop their school education 

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine caused by the Russian aggression, a large number of war refugees have been arriving in Poland. Most of them are women with children. The children have been forced to suddenly stop their school education.

The Civic Educational Association is a Polish non-state education NGO founded in 1987. STO runs more than 150 schools with some 13,000 pupils and employs around 2,500 people. They are based on cooperation between parents and teachers, secularity and they are free of political affiliations. They are welcoming 40 ukrainian children in their schools.

Quality education for refugees 

The project's main objective is to provide ongoing education in the scope of the Polish school curriculum, culminating in a school certificate. This is possible thanks to a quick and effective learning of the Polish language. 

Taking into consideration that the children were forced to leave their home and were traumatized by the war, they are providing psychological support to the children. 

Finally, they are giving financial support to the refugee families to offer comparable conditions to those of Polish children.

40 Ukrainian children

5 Female Ukrainian teachers

The opportunity of a normal school education 

Juliusz Slowacki STO General Secondary School Complex admits children from Ukraine to the existing classes. Priority is given to children recommended by families or teachers from the school (e.g. children taken in by families of Polish students). Indeed, having Polish and Ukrainian children living in the same home supports the educational process. Ukrainian students who have been added to the school follow the curriculum of the Polish school on an equal level with the Polish students. To do so, they are assigned to classes  appropriate to the students' age and grade level. Each class takes care of the assigned student and school counselors (students and teachers) are appointed.

This program is free for Ukrainian children. The children receive school lunches, textbooks for Polish and subjects matter studies, funds to participate in the ski trips, social and didactic resources, Covid-19 vaccination and medical support, electronic means for learning and hygiene supplies. 

At the end of the school year, Ukrainian students will receive certificates allowing them to continue education in the Polish system in the next school year. Indeed, depending on the political situation in Ukraine, this program could continue next year or even until the student graduates from school.

To put this project in place, the association employs five female teachers from Ukraine to support the students. Four people were hired as support teachers (integrated teachers, psychologist, English teacher, mathematician) and a teacher of Polish as a foreign language. Employing female teachers from Ukraine is an additional help for war refugees, allowing mothers to obtain resources to support their families.

The Air Liquide Foundation’s contribution 

The Air Liquide Foundation is financing the salaries of five female teachers from Ukraine to support the students (an integrated teacher, a psychologist, an English teacher, a mathematician and a teacher of Polish as a foreign language). The Foundation also supports the purchase of school materials for the Ukrainian students.


“The devotion of the SKT 64 STO management and employees and the whole community that exists around it in such extraordinary circumstances and extremely short time is nothing but the realization of humanity and European values which are fully in line with the Air Liquide Foundation and Group.”

Michal Miszke, European Category Manager, Transport, Air Liquide Poland

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