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60,000 Ukrainian refugees have benefited since March from projects backed by the Fondation Air Liquide.

  • Solidarity Ukraine

Back in March 2022, Air Liquide decided to reach out to the many Ukrainian refugees arriving in the European Union. Together, Air Liquide’s European teams and the Fondation Air Liquide have backed projects benefiting an est. 60,000 refugees,  in 7 countries. Most refugees, in particular those from eastern and southern Ukraine, will likely not be returning soon. The programme will continue through the coming winter, backed by the €1.3 million budget that has been allocated to it.

Air Liquide employees in the field evaluate the charities and their projects and, once these are approved, they check that each project delivers on its goals. For its part, the Fondation Air Liquide validates the projects and grants financial support - €750,000 to date. The 39 projects approved so far -in Poland, Romania, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and Ukraine - have provided social services to women and children separated from their families, with a focus on particularly vulnerable groups.

80% of the Foundation’s budget for this programme has been contributed by Air Liquide SA,  while the remaining 20% were donated by shareholders and employees. The Fondation Air Liquide is governed by the laws of France. It operates in the public’s interest, mainly in Europe, within the object defined by its constitution. It cannot serve commercial interests. It has its own governance and abides by its ethical charter. Administrative costs are kept low, with 95% of its 2022 budget directly allocated to projects.