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Other Health Care Projects

Psychological Support with the Diversity Hub Foundation - Krakow Poland

Diversity Hub Foundation,  a non-profit organization with an expert team of over 60 professional therapists and consultants, is providing professional psychological care to Ukrainian refugees and to the professionals and volunteers dealing with the situation in contact with the Refugees (helpers, activists, psychologists). The donation of  €25,000 shall finance:

  • Psychological help & empowering webinars for war refugees and war helpers (Ukrainians and single persons of other nationalities)
  • Upskilling the psychologists to better serve war victims

France-Ukraine Medical and Charitable Aid (AM-C-FU) - Sending medical equipment

The association, in connection with Ukrainian hospitals, responds to local needs for hospital equipment. They were contacted by the Rozdilna hospital near Odessa to provide them with equipment for the wounded with bone trauma and to help them heal very deep wounds. After placing an order with their partner, the association sent the material to the Romanian border where the hospital teams came to collect it.  The Air Liquide Foundation's 15,000€ grant made it possible to order this equipment.   

Emergency psychosocial support in Ukraine - Medair - Switzerland/Ukraine

This project aims to train 38 medical professionals in Ukraine in the management of war trauma with webinars. The goal is to provide psychosocial support and training for health and mental health workers in Ukraine. In addition, the association wishes to provide financial support to mental health professionals who currently provide psychological care to people affected by war trauma on a voluntary basis. The Air Liquide Foundation 20,000€ endowment participates in financing these training sessions. 

Psychological support for refugees at the Polish-Ukrainian border - PRO-FIL Foundation - Projekt - Integracja - Poland

This association located on the border between Ukraine and Poland offers psychosocial support to 100 adult women and 40 children refugees from Ukraine. These beneficiaries have access to individual consultations as well as group activities for the children. Their objective is to fight against war-related trauma and also to provide social support for integration. The €24,645 endowment from the Air Liquide Foundation makes it possible to pay the psychologists and other employees of this project. 

Medical assistance to refugee families from Ukraine - Fundacja Ambulans z serca - Poland

The project consists of providing medical aid to refugees from Ukraine through the purchase of basic medicines (especially children's medicines) for refugees receiving free medical assistance from the Ambulans z Serca Foundation /Ambulance of the Heart. The Foundation provides regular medical services alongside Warsaw's municipal services. Medicines will also be prescribed according to the needs of the refugees in the Pilaszków reception center, for whom the Foundation will take charge of the permanent medical follow-up. The Air Liquide Foundation is supporting this project with €14,420 for the purchase of medicines. 

Medical AID project  - Community Self-Help - Ukraine

The project provides support for the supply of medicines to hospitals in Mykolaiv, Dnipro, and Kharkiv. The aim is to receive and respond to requests for necessary medicines and supplies from hospitals and city administrations in Mykolaiv, Dnipro, and Kharkiv as quickly as possible. Thanks to their extensive ties with the city and regional administrations, they can organize the delivery of medicines to hospitals and medical stations on the front line, while accompanying the humanitarian aid along the entire route until it reaches the recipient. They plan a safe route for each humanitarian aid delivery based on the current actual situation along the way. The Air Liquide Foundation is supporting this project with €19,000 to support the logistics of delivering medicine to the hospitals

Counseling and accompaniment project for refugees from Ukraine - German Youth From Russia - Germany

In order to help Ukrainian families and their children, German Youth from Russia offers them art therapy focused on traumatisms due to the war. Creative processes have been proven particularly effective as a means of dealing with various sufferings, including working with trauma, in psychiatric and psychosomatic practice. Visual arts media can help people better understand their own emotions and feelings of powerlessness and aggression. The Air Liquide Foundation supports this project with a €21,232 covering salaries and materials for the activities.

Limb fixation devices for injured in Ukrainian hospitals- Charity Foundation KOLO - Ukraine

The KOLO Charitable Foundation is specialized in large-scale medical, educational and cultural projects. The Foundation helps hospitals with the purchase of necessary equipment and medicines needed now in Ukraine. Doctors have asked the association for external limb fixation devices, allowing them to fix complex and fragmentary fractures of bones. Together with doctors, the association selected 200 pieces of external fixation devices in universal configuration. The donation of €15,000 will be used to buy the equipment needed. 

Psychological and psychiatric care for Ukrainian citizens - The Faces of Depression Foundation -  Poland

The objective of the project is to provide free and distance psychological and psychiatric care to Ukrainian children and adults. The psychological follow-up is carried out by a team of 25 qualified psychologists, with clinical experience, fluent in Ukrainian and/or Russian. Consultations can be carried out in both languages ​​by teleconsultation. Schools, refugee centers in Poland and children's homes can contact them directly. The donation of €25,000 will be used to finance the 700 consultations and the salary of the program coordinator.

Project "Assistance to medical institutions" - Charitable Organization "STRENGTH OF THE UNITY OF UKRAINIANS" - Ukraine

The association has been approached by medical institutions in the city of Khmelnytsky. They are requesting assistance with medical equipment in order to provide effective treatment to patients. The care and equipment needed by the medical institutions will be purchased in Germany. A logistics company will transport it to Ukraine from Germany. The donation of €19,000 will be used to finance medical equipment such as electrocardiographs.

TeamUp Programme for 50 children at a School in Hamburg including refugee children from Ukraine - War Child Deutschland - Germany

War Child Deutschland, through its TeamUp program, offers children with and without refugee background the opportunity to participate in a program that will assist them to overcome some of their traumatic experiences and gain skills to express their needs and make social connections. The TeamUp program is based on the background of psychosocial support, so that the children and young people can work through exercise and sport but also, where necessary, recommendations can be given for more intensive psychosocial help. The activities are inclusive. War Child Deutschland will implement the TeamUp Programme with 50 children aged 10 to 12 at one school in Hamburg from 08/22 to 06/23. The dotation of €20,000 will be used to finance the materials required to implement the project, the payment of the trainers' fees and transport and the strict minimum of the project's coordination costs.


“Save mental health “ Project of necessary psychological assistance - Charitable Fund Blagomay - Ukraine

Charitable Fund Blagomay, supports with this project displaced orphans, patients of neuropsychiatric centers and people with disabilities by providing online psychological consultations. Kiev-based psychologists conduct these individual or group consultations in small groups of 4-9 people, 3 times a week for 6 months. The grant of 14 000€ finances the salaries of the psychologists.

Emergency support for hospitals and the Ukrainian rescue network - La Chaîne de l’Espoir - France/Ukraine

The project aims to improve the medical and surgical care of patients or war victims in Ukraine. This aid to hospitals and to the Ukrainian relief network supplies and equips the hospitals damaged by fire. It also includes the training of health care professionnal in war and disaster medicine. Thanks to its local network, the association has identified front-line hospitals located in Dnipro, Zaporizhia and Kharkiv - in the south and east of the country - for sending ultrasound scanners*. The association mobilizes the Humanitarian Logistics Network and Atlas Logistique to ensure the transport of equipment to the targeted hospitals. The endowment of €24,000 finances the purchase of 9 ultraportable ultrasound scanners.

*subject to a change in the security context which no longer allows access to these areas.