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Other Emergency Donations Projects

Collection and delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine - Regional Development and Innovation Agency "Mizhhirya Center” - Ukraine

The Mizhhirya Center Agency, based south of Lviv in Ukraine, is a logistics center linking donations from associations in Poland, Romania, Italy, Spain and Slovakia and the needs expressed by Ukrainian hospitals. The volunteers of the association sort the donations arriving by semi-trailer and repackage them for shipment by lighter transport in Ukrainian cities. The donation of €20,000 is used to finance the purchase of medicines complementing donations and logistical costs.

Food aid and activities - Stowarzyszenie Piękne Anioły (Beautiful Angels Association) - Poland

The association provides hot meals to help centers in Krakow and around. They also organize sports activities for 30 children from Ukraine and they will provide children with day camps during the holidays. The Air Liquide Foundation supports this project with a €24,300 endowment.

Daily food & hygiene needs for refugees in the Pilaszków center - Fundacja Miłosierdzie i Kultura - Poland

The project consists of covering the daily food and hygiene needs of the 60 refugees accommodated in the center in Pilaszków. This center is registered with the district of the central administration of West Warsaw and receives state aid which covers part of the operating and personnel costs. This envelope does not include the cost of food and hygiene products for the refugees, which must be covered by the Foundation. The Air Liquide Foundation is therefore supporting the association in this approach with an endowment of €24,800.

Distribution of food products and goods of daily use to refugees from Ukraine - Tafel Duisburg e.V - Germany

Tafel Duisburg e.V supports people affected by poverty in Duisburg. The association distributes donated food and goods of daily use, collecting from partners. The Ukrainian refugees are now part of the association’s beneficiaries. Therefore, the association needs special cooling vehicles to transport the food products. Unfortunately, one of its five refrigerated trucks is broken. Our donation of 18,000€ will be used to finance a new special cooling vehicle to transport food products.

Hope for those most in need - Fundacja Index do Przyszłości (Index to the Future Foundation) - Poland

Index to the Future satisfies the fundamental needs (accommodation, support in food) of Ukrainian refugees who need help. The association provides accommodation for 3 families (12 people) who are not able to rent a flat. The association also supports 35 Ukrainian refugees by purchasing food products, cosmetics, medicines as well as by searching decent work and giving Polish courses. The Fondation Air Liquide supports the cost of renting 3 apartments for 12 people for 6 months; the purchase of food, medicine and personal care products; the salary for an employee monitoring family in apartments. The grant is 26 000 €.

Donation of basic necessities to refugees in Poland and to institutions in Ukraine - InNeed Association - Poland

The project aims to provide humanitarian aid (distribution of clothes, toys, food, cosmetics) to refugees residing in the province of Lublin in Poland and to send basic necessities to Ukraine. The association uses a warehouse to collect and sort donations. It is also used as a store where refugees have access to these clothes and cosmetics for free. The endowment of €25,600 finances the salaries of warehouse employees.