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Other Access to Education Projects

TRIO, the multilingual magazine, Austrian Red Cross - Austria

The Austrian Red Crossgiving wants to give a multilingual journal to teachers for helping Ukrainian +10000 refugee students to acquire the German language. Donation of € 20,000 shall pay for production and distribution costs of the second booklet. The magazines, which are published in 3 languages (including Ukrainian) for schools, help children who have arrived in Austria as refugees without any knowledge of German to integrate quickly into Austrian school lessons and to understand the culture in this country. 10 000 copies will be printed - cost per magazine € 2,19 net. 400 school classes all over Austria will use these magazines. 

Reception of Ukrainian children fleeing the war - Ukrainian School of Paris "Saint-Volodymyr" - France

The main objective of the project is to provide refugee children, throughout their stay in France, with courses that are part of the Ukrainian school curriculum (Ukrainian language, literature, history and culture) and that cannot be offered by the French schools. The schooling of Ukrainian refugee children will not only allow them to keep their skills, but also to strengthen their academic skills in all the subjects that are not part of the French school program, but which are essential to master in Ukraine. The Air Liquide Foundation is financing the salaries of the new teachers, the rental of the new classrooms, as well as the school supplies for the Ukrainian children, with its €15,000 endowment.