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The Foundation pursue locally the "Covid-19 Initiative", for the most vulnerable populations

  • Solidarity Covid

In March 2020, faced with the health and social emergency, the Air Liquide Foundation launched the “Covid-19 Initiative” by allocating an additional exceptional endowment of more than two million euros over two years, with a dual objective:

  • support scientific research projects on respiratory damage from the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus
  • strengthen support for partner associations working in the field, with the most vulnerable populations to the disease and the impact of lockdown.

In 2021, the Foundation renewed its support to the association Passerelles numériques (PNP) in the Philippines for a professional training programme for web developers that adapts to trends in the digital sector and thus facilitates the professional integration of young people. 

PNP's partner, San Carlos University, is offering distance learning courses due to the health crisis. PNP wanted to strengthen its IT capacity and created a larger laboratory to allow its beneficiaries to follow the courses online and work on their projects.

The expansion was delayed by a further closure of the PNP centre in July-August due to the Delta variant. The ICT Hub has been operational since September, used by the classes of 2021 & 2023 and was inaugurated last October.

The Foundation enabled the creation of this computer lab, the acquisition of movable furniture allowing for different work configurations, laptops, accessories and covered the operational costs of the PNP team for this project.

Watch the video of the inauguration:


* Year of obtaining the Certificate in Computer Technology from the University of San Carlo