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Integrating Togolese school drop-outs into the workforce

Training young people to grow organic fruit and vegetables for school cafeterias

The NGO Association Bien-Etre Pour les Ecoliers (ABEPE) is developing a market gardening program to help young people from the rural regions of Togo enter the workforce. The crops they produce will then be used to provide balanced meals to 1000 schoolchildren.

Our support during the
Covid-19 pandemic

ABEPE is coordinating an awareness-raising campaign on preventive measures against the Covid-19 pandemic. This action aims to raise awareness among 1100 families in the canton of Badja via the local radio (information session once a week for a month) and door-to-door. The sensitization team offers hand hygiene kits (detergents, soaps,...), a hand washing device consisting of a can of recuperated vegetable oil equipped with a tap and hand-made masks designed by local dressmakers.

In addition, in order to support the nutritional intake of children who usually benefit from school canteens, which are closed during this period of health emergency, and of vulnerable people (the elderly, the disabled, single women), ABEPE distributes food kits. The Air Liquide Foundation supports these different actions.

Agricultural training

On a 20-acre site in the rural canton of Badja, in southern Togo, ABEPE has set up a training program to teach market gardening. The NGO is assisted in this endeavor by the Institut de Conseil d’Appui Technique (ICAT), a public institute that specializes in agricultural training. Eventually, the association would like to create a leading center to help combat rural depopulation and poverty.

So far, 11 school drop-outs, including four girls, are cultivating organic fruit and vegetables on the farm. During their time in the program, they will learn how to prepare the field for planting, manage soil fertility, harvest the crops, and compost. After training is complete, parcels of the field will be assigned to them so that they can apply the agricultural techniques they have learned and start their own farm.

Fighting malnutrition

The fruit and vegetables produced are served in school cafeterias supported by the NGO. Women volunteers from the canton cook them and serve hot, balanced meals to 1000 schoolchildren.

The NGO is active in poor communities, which experience high rates of school drop-outs. The free meals are needed to keep the children in school and prevent juvenile delinquency.

How is the Air Liquide Foundation involved?

The Air Liquide Foundation helped to get this project off the ground by:

  • drilling a borehole and equipping it with a motor pump, along with other contributions to the technical facilities
  • assisting in the purchase of seeds, manure, hoses, boots, and rakes
  • contributing funding for experts, training, and educational equipment


  • Project Leader: The NGO ABEPE
  • Location: Canton of Badja, Maritime Region, Togo
  • Year of Support: 2019
  • Sponsor: Lantame Sikou, Sales Manager Air Liquide Togo