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Acting within local communities

The Air Liquide corporate Foundation is committed to the society. It contributes to the development of communities through local initiatives and its work on professional integration in technical fields.

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Not everyone has the same opportunities when it comes to education and employment.

More than 260 million children and young adults around the world don’t have access to school or are unable to finish their studies1. In France, nearly one million young people between the ages of 16 and 25 have no education, no employment or training2. Three years after receiving their education, more than one in every three young people from severely impoverished areas are still out of work3. Only 35% of working-age people with disabilities are employed4. In developing economies, 59 million school-aged children are prevented from receiving an education. In South Africa, the unemployment rate set a new record of over 30% in 2020.

1. UNESCO - Global Education Monitoring Report 2016, 2. French Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Integration 2018 , 3. Céreq, Generation survey 2013 (French public institution: Center for Studies and Research on Qualifications), 4. Employment survey Insee 2017 (French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies)

Because education and training are the best methods for finding work and fighting poverty.
Because some technical skills are disappearing and there is still no training for them, especially in technical fields.
Because industries are predicting that they will have trouble filling many vacancies in the coming years.
Because every region is full of talented individuals. Because education, training and employment are local issues,


Finding a job is a challenge for millions of people, and that is why we act WITHIN LOCAL COMMUNITIES
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The Air Liquide Foundation acts within local communities.

We help meet the specific needs of communities in a variety of fields (education, training, healthcare, disability and social issues). Our network of employees helps to identify these needs and to monitor the projects sponsored by local organizations.

In addition, the Foundation has begun promoting professional integration in technical fields. We are helping unemployed individuals to develop the skills that are in demand in technical fields. The Foundation gives each beneficiary - young adults without diplomas, jobs or training, especially from disadvantaged areas, individuals with disabilities or long-term unemployed - the opportunity to take charge of their own professional destiny.

Thanks to our knowledge of the technical fields and the many industries served by the Air Liquide group around the world, the Foundation understands local industrial networks and the needs of employers. In conjunction with communities and organizations active on the ground and the Air Liquide teams present in the region, we are able to support professional integration projects in places where unemployment is high and where certain jobs are going unfilled.

The Foundation gives each beneficiary the opportunity to take charge of their own professional destiny.
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In practice, we:

  • develop long-term training projects in technical fields with job shortages, in coordination with local organizations, other large or local corporations and local Air Liquide teams;
  • create partnerships and put the Air Liquide ecosystem at their disposal provide mentoring from Air Liquide employees;
  • fund organizations that are active in the field of professional integration for vulnerable populations;
  • fund short-term projects recommended by employees in the fields of social issues, education, professional training and disability…


“Beyond just financial support, I believe that developing lasting relationships between Air Liquide and the organizations the Foundation supports is a good idea.”

Raphaël Grandeau, Research Engineer at Air Liquide (Paris Innovation Campus) & Monitoring Manager for Sport Dans la Ville in Paris region.

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I have nothing but good things to say. The Foundation has established an excellent project monitoring process and they supported us through all the project phases. This process includes visits at the beginning, middle and end of the project. In addition to the two projects that I worked on (establishing the “But en or” sports center in Bobigny and the “Job dans la Ville" academy in Pantin, northeastern suburbs of Paris), I also organized a tour of Air Liquide’s Campus Innovation Paris facility that introduced young women to Air Liquide employees and technical careers. Beyond just financial support, I believe that developing lasting relationships between Air Liquide and the organizations the Foundation supports is a good idea. It feels good to be able to contribute in my own small way to helping young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods find jobs.

@ Sport dans la ville
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Tassadit, 18 years old, program participant of “Job dans la ville”, Bondy.

I love physics and chemistry and the visit of the Air Liquide site was great for a passionate woman like me. Discover so many different professions, seeing that companies integrate environmental issues into their research, it has comforted me in my orientation choice. Today, I am a student in physics and chemistry.

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